Liberals Go Crazy For The Mentally Ill By Ann Coulter Rhetorical Analysis

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Ann Coulter is known by many Americans as a highly conservative woman that argues against illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, abortion, and drugs. She speaks out about highly controversial topics which most people find unpleasant. Because she is very bold when it comes to voicing out her opinions, she is often criticized for being a homophobic, racist, and sexist.
In regards to trustworthiness, Ann Coulter is heavily biased towards her own opinion. This is especially true when she stated in “Liberals Go Crazy for the Mentally Ill” that “Republicans are the ones pushing policies that will reduce gun violence. Democrats are pushing policies that will only increase gun violence”. Although she has a fairly substantial argument when she talks about how the mentally ill should have thorough background checks prior to purchasing a gun, she fails to provide evidence to back up statements regarding her support with
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She is always seen in the news due to her very hateful remarks and controversial opinions. She has received a substantial amount of hate from the populace but still refuses to back down. The reason for why she’s always writing and saying disputable things is because the American people let her. When we don’t like somebody, we tend to shower them with hate and inform them about how much we just despise them. This very same thing is being done with Ann Coulter’s case because regardless of whether it’s good attention or bad, we’re giving her a reason to keep talking. This, in a way, is all for her publicity. She endorses her hateful comments about other people’s opinions and beliefs in order establish a reputation, albeit negative. She has been a writing since she was in University so she is well-versed in the ways of writing articles and papers. She is using her knowledge of the law as well as her influence on the American people to advocate her strong political

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