The Rhetorical Analysis Of Anne-Marie Slaughter

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Anne-Marie Slaughter is a very famous, and knowledgeable writer, governmental official, and mother. She was a well respected government employee, a professor, and of course, a mother. In the article, Slaughter addresses how she was trying to be employed as a well respected government employee while still obtaining the title as an exceptional mother who spends a good amount of time with her family. She also explains how difficult that is, and how she basically forced it upon herself to quit her job and move back home to her adolescent son that was in need of her maternal attention. When she returned, she was startled to see the disappointment from her female peers due to her step down. Anne-Marie Slaughter is very effective in executing her argument that women “can’t have it all” when she addresses how arduous it is for a woman to obtain a successful and high-power career …show more content…
Some people live alone, so they can’t relate to the stress that parents go through while they are at work and prefer to be at home with their families. A person who doesn’t live with their family would not need to leave work early in order to take care of their family. In this situation, it would be more difficult to convince your employer of making the workplace more family-friendly if they were like this. In the article, Slaughter also states that she believes there should be more women leaders in this world. I agree with her on this, but I also disagree with her on her reasoning. I do not believe that it would make it easier for women to work in a family-friendly place because even if their boss is a woman, it won’t necessarily mean that she will be more understanding because not all women are maternal like that. But, I do believe that we need more women leaders in today’s world for political purpose. Equality is a very serious topic in modern society, and having more women leaders helps with

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