It's Time To Ban Guns Yes All Of Them Analysis

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Gun control in America is a significant issue, with an average of 91 gun related deaths per day, it is a matter that can no longer be ignored. Being controversial in its nature, author Phoebe Maltz Bovy doesn 't hesitate to shed light on her opinion on the affair. In her article “It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.” Bovy is quick to state that all guns are bad regardless of their purpose or the respective owner, that they’re all nothing more than dangerous machines. However, in her approach, she is so busy furiously voicing her opinion of hatred towards guns, that she lacks a scholarly approach. Her most prominent issue is her lack of a thesis statement, then followed by her unorganized paragraph structure, and lastly her absence of evidence to support her claim.

In her opening paragraph Bovy goes into detail about how all guns should be banned. “Get rid of gun in homes, on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police”. She goes on to say that regardless of the gun type or owner that they should be removed, banned, and revolked from their owners to the greatest extent possible. No person, unconditional to how responsible or knowledge about
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Her entire article consists of her opinion and her attempts to support her opinion with more of her opinions. But in the real world, people are interested in cold hard facts. Never once does she bring up a statistic, survey, or number of any sort. She attempts to make up for this lack of evidence with informalities. Speaking to the reader directly and asking questions in order to convince the reader that what she 's saying is true. For example, she writes “As if gun ownership were simply a cultural tradition to be respected, and not, you know, about owning guns. Guns… I mean, must it really be spelled out what’s different?”. This type of informalities, while it may make the reader feel closer to the author, does not give any form of evidence to support what the author is

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