Fox News Case Study

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In early September, Twenty-First Century Fox settled with past host of a news show on
Fox New, Gretchen Carlson, for sexual harassment. She was awarded twenty million dollars for her being a victim of long time CEO Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes was eventually fired from running the Fox News company. In her lawsuit, Carlson said her contract wasn 't renewed after she “refused to sleep” with Ailes and reported "severe and pervasive sexual harassment” at her workplace. (Yu, 2016) Since Gretchen Carlson filed her lawsuit, numerous other women has express Roger Ailes has harass other women has express they have felt the same treatment from
Roger Ailes. One of the anchors who has express there was problems was Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly reflected the deep division within the
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It was also the cause of long time boss Roger Ailes being dismiss from the company. Another step Fox took to show that the matter was not a problem and it was swiftly taken care of. Fox News still has one more case in legal action so that outcome is not known yet but Fox News is fighting that one from the articles that I have read.
A lot could have happen differently. More accountability for its CEO where his free will cannot be put on the other employees.More training even though E.E.O.C says it does not stop many of the cases. Awareness is never a bad thing. Fox News could have chosen to fight Gretchen

Carlson on her claims and let the courts make a choice. I feel Fox news took the claim serious and it had some claims to it to make them react the way they did. The final outcome worked for Gretchen Carlson. She received her justice and integrity back. She also said she going to go on with life and help uplift women so they can be strong to fight back on the injustice that they have. Not everyone has the resources that Mrs. Carlson has so it is a tough road but it

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