Application Essay: A Career In Law School

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The legal professions have never interested more than they have now. From being something off my radar, it has turned into a possible career choice. Being in graduate business school, this internship may seem as an irrelevant undergraduate level experience, but the impact it will have in my career path may be crucial. This will be my first hands-on experience in the area of law. Being used to the business mindset or school of thought, this will definitely be an interesting experience. The reason that motivated me to apply for this was my curiosity and interest in law school. The things I would like to experience in this internship is learning the process of researching, getting comfortable with the legal terminology, understanding how the system …show more content…
Like learning a language, it is difficult to learn unless you speak it and apply it. In this internship, I wish to practice using and understanding the language of law. Hopefully, it will expand my knowledge of the vocabulary so I can be proficient in speaking, listening and writing. One other thing I would like to witness is the legal system behind the scenes. It is a rare opportunity to be placed in the District Attorney’s environment of a major city and county. The closest I’ve gotten to see the system is in court for a traffic violation. I feel like the legal world is like the ocean. You can’t see much above the surface looking in but once you dive in, you discover remarkable things. Just being in the environment and being able to observe will be interesting, and any hands-on work will be exponentially astonishing.
I feel blessed to have this opportunity knowing the chances of getting this internship opportunity is very low. An incredible educational experience awaits me. I wish to experience one or all of the things that I have discussed. I am excited not only for the experience, but for the outcome it can have on my career path. Regardless of the outcome, I am ready and motivated to absorb the most I can out of this incredible

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