My Career In Criminal Justice

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The future is never clear, and my own was no exception. Thoughts of what I wanted to do with my life were always followed by uncertainty. During the entirety of my adolescence I always felt overwhelmed by my inability to decide my future, leading to a metastasizing panic in my inabilities to achieve success in any discipline. My transition from childhood fantasies to adult goals was anything but seamless and I often found myself lost, especially in academics. I struggled throughout both my primary and secondary schooling, but always found myself excelling in communicative behaviors between my peers and my ability to think creatively and innovatively. This barrier between my social capabilities and academics grew from my own resentment of my …show more content…
I chose to specialize in Criminal Justice due to my interests in not only studying how society thinks, but how criminals react and develop within society. Studying Criminal Justice allowed me to think holistically, enabling me to use day to day concepts to create and understand the construct of big picture ideas. While ADHD usually side tracked my thought process, I was able to transform my disability to a skill and find connections between details and facts that were otherwise overlooked. Instead of just learning the “what”s and “how”s of criminal behavior, I was able to dissect and analyze the “why”s in detail. I was able to humanize criminals and learn their justifications and coping mechanisms they implement into their lives. I believe this prepared me for a future in law more so than any other major could because it allowed me to understand the mindset of a criminal and notice details and behavioral patterns at extensive lengths that are often ignored as necessities in other …show more content…
Rather, I have embraced it, and used its endless supply of energy to fuel my drive to help others and pursue change on a micro level through my own actions. If I am so lucky as to attend your law school and pass the bar exam, I wish to become a criminal law attorney. I believe my undergraduate education gives me an advantage in this field since I have dedicated years to studying and analyzing criminal behavior and reasoning, especially in regards to societal influence. I also plan to do charity and pro bona work to insure that people who do not have the means to be fairly supported in court of law have the opportunity to be defended to the utmost extent of the law.
My life and law experiences, both in and out of the classroom, have allowed me to cultivate excellent communication skills and relate to all people regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. I feel passionately about using my knowledge of law to defend those who remain voiceless and suppressed in the legal system. I aspire to make a difference in my local community and one day, make my mark in the future of law and

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