Pros And Cons Of Criminal Justice Careers

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For most students, picking a major is the hardest decision they’ve had to make in life yet. Just like everything else in life there are pluses and minuses to every major. The desire for business administrators is presumed to thrive about as fast as all other occupations according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although, finding a decent paying job in the business industry is actually very competitive. Fortunately for police, border patrol, correctional officers, etc. they don’t have this dilemma. Also according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Corrections officers, for example, are presumed to see an 18% increase over the next decade. Criminal justice jobs will always be needed in today 's society due to their high demand every …show more content…
Criminal justice jobs continue to be in high demand every year. “As the population grows, society needs more security officers, investigators and police to ensure the public safety” (Pros and Cons of Criminal Justice Degree Careers). In law enforcement alone, there is about twenty different careers this degree provides and in legal careers more than ten. No matter what branch there is always a guaranteed job in this profession. “Criminal justice professionals may choose to climb the ranks within a single organization or advance by moving to a larger organization or region” (Pros and Cons of Criminal Justice Degree Careers). Along with high demand, there are several advantages to working for state and federal governments. Not only are there opportunities to advance, they have the ability to retire early due to the atmosphere of their jobs. Early retirement is a major benefit this career offers along with great pension and insurance packages. Benefits are one of the top factors when applying for a job and finding a career that can support the lifestyle one chooses to …show more content…
“Some criminal justice careers carry a great deal of stress and many positions in the criminal justice field are dangerous” (Why Pursue a Criminal Justice Degree). From the moment they put their uniform on, they are a target for those who believe against them. Even at home, they have to be on alert because cases and people can follow them even when they are off duty. Losing a life is not uncommon in this job field either. “They often come with high expectations for superiors, swing shifts, cramped working conditions, prolonged periods of travel, and other stressors” (Pros and Cons of Criminal Justice Degree Careers). Most shave to see such heinous acts that other people aren’t prepared to deal with. They put their lives on the line to protect civilians not knowing if they are going home to their family or losing their life to a dangerous crime.
A criminal justice degree seems to have better opportunities for jobs, advancements, and benefits overall than a business degree. The best thing about pursuing a job in this field is knowing you are protecting citizens and allowing them to enjoy the society they live in and feel safe doing so. “ It is a noble and admirable position that commands respect” (Pros and Cons of Criminal Justice Degree Careers). As stated before, jobs in this field will always be in demand, unlike the thousands of business

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