Criminal Justice

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In this essay I will discuss about what criminal justice is and how it is related with my career. My topic will be about my career, but I am not that sure in what field or agencies I will get in in the future, so I will explain how the criminal justice system is administered by the three different agencies and give a brief information about those three agencies police, corrections, and the court. Finally I will let you know more or less what of these agencies I have more interest on and could be the one I will join soon.
I am going to enter in the field of the criminal justice and in this paragraph I am about to explain some details of what consist criminal justice. Like the family, schools, organized religions, or the law, criminal justice
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Those agencies consist by the police, the courts and the corrections and they are known as the criminal justice system. I am not sure about on what field I am going to take; police, the corrections, or the courts, but I will explain them and its role in the society. In one of this field, in the future, I will join one of them and I will serve for the society to make a better future. I am going to start with the police, a police officer is a specially designed citizen whose functions include to order maintenance, provision of services, and law enforcement. Every society needs citizen who serve as mediators to settle disputes among its members. If someone start making trouble or in their acts hurt somebody else police officers are appointed to apprehend those who appear to violate the law or violate the right of others and bring them to the designated person like the prosecutors or judge who have the authority to sanction undesirable behavior. Day a day police officers are involved in many citizen problems and the police some of the time they get hurt or in the worst case they are killed by the people. Being a police officer is not that easy how it looks, if you are willing to be a police you must know that is a job where you have to quickly decide what you are going to do next, it is a fast

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