Diversity In Law Enforcement

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In the workforce, many have been engaging to expand in more diversity. Yet we have this challenging issue in the law enforcement, especially where we want more diversity so they can represent their community. The decades of research show that members of the community believe the law enforcement represents and responds to them. When the community perceives the law enforcement as fair, legitimate, and accountable it enhances the trust the community to the law enforcement. The trust the community has towards can defuse tensions, solve crimes, and create a system where the community sees the law enforcement as justice and fair.
Law enforcement jobs, create new pathways of financial opportunities for men and women that can aid their community. Decades
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In decades of research it is confirmed that the society believes that their law enforcement represents them, understands them, and respond to them. When the society see law enforcement as fair it would give trust to the law enforcement from the society which would also have public confidences and supports the integrity of democracy. The trust from the society is crucial to defusing tension, solving crimes, and creating a system where the society considered the law enforcement as fair. The law enforcement agencies with multi-lingual officers would be able to provide improved series towards limited English prolificacy (LEP). This would help the Latino and Asian communities by having someone who reflects them by their racial …show more content…
Recruitment is important to me because as a Hispanic decent, many Hispanic individuals or families have trust issues with law enforcement and would be less likely to consider a job in law enforcement. It is important to me because I want to change the attitudes the Hispanic communities have towards law enforcement, in which the Hispanic communities can trust and confine with law enforcement. Also being a woman myself women are more likely to feel like they are not qualified and get sexist attitudes towards them. This makes an issues for women in law enforcement because they feel like they would not be able to do any higher prestige job. I want to changes the opinions in women and ensure them that they can do any job they put their mind into.

3. What does this report say regarding racial and gender diversity in police departments in the United States?
Law enforcement agencies have successfully become more diverse in the United States. Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) research has revealed that the national department demographics of employees including the number of reported female, African American, Latino, Asian American and white full time sworn officers. This method was a variety of six department represented states from the Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern regions of the United States that had success in employing sworn employees reflecting the demographics

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