Criminal Justice Inequality

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In the United States, we know and understand that the criminal justice system has an inequality against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any other ethnic group. Criminal Justice doesn’t acknowledge other race as equals. There is lack of support in the criminal justice system were many of the issues are not address and will continue to encounter many problems. Something needs to be fix, not only for the better of the present but the future too.
Criminal Justice is a perfect career to whomever wants to proceed, but there’s many obstacles attached to it. Not only for us, but for the future of our kids. The issue is not only with inequality, but also with the crime that is attached to it. Like I mention before, the country witnesses plenty of races
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The Criminal Justice’s investigation agree, that blacks and browns receive most of the harsh treatment. Additionally, the Hispanic race also has harsh treatment. Again, this is something that perhaps the government and society must address. In the United States the arrest of blacks compare to whites is three times higher for all offenses, but 10 times higher for violent felonies, and 17 times higher for murder.
When thinking about the minority involvement in the criminal justice system, you must thing about the children. How incidents of violence might occur while in custody at the police station or in the hands of law enforcement. Children from religious or any race they are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.
Discrimination by law enforcement officials might come to mind. Usually this occur when the results might be in patterns when the children comes from poverty, domestic violence, gang activity, abuse, and poor education. Furthermore, minority children might face additional discrimination when the parents are involved with the criminal justice system. These discrimination should be stop when participating in criminal proceeding. We have to pay particular attention to ensure children who are involved with the criminal justice system to be treated as a sensitive manner when they are and a vulnerable
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Some agencies do not use the same racial categories, especially when they want to show respects to Latino/Hispanics. When examining race, ethnicity, crime and justice, will be a sensitive subject to discuss across the United States. Records need to be shown as to what the mentality is on the criminal justice issues. The official records consistently show that blacks are involved in criminal offenses than whites do. However, many studies show that blacks are involved in serious crimes. The data is show by the general population. In the United States, theirs is substantial reasons that blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans elevated the risk to an arrest. The stop will result in searches or distributions

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