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  • Laos Essay

    LPDR are in its capital Vientiane, along the Thailand border, the rest of the country’s population is extended across its mountainous terrain and multiple regions. Lao’s beliefs, values, or perceptions in it’s healthcare system are very complicated. It has a vast array of cultural differences. The the last accurate census conducted by the WHO determined Laos had with approximately 47 distinct ethnic groups. It is important to understand the significance of their history, topography, and socioeconomic status before focusing on the core of their healthcare belief system. Lao’s history is full of lush mythology and culture that has led to the modern day ideals and perceptions of it’s populace; especially in terms of healthcare delivery. Luang Prabang, considered a spiritual province in modern day Laos, was the original capital city of the kingdom Lan Xang. The kingdom of Lan Xang lasted for approximately 4 centuries and stretched throughout the majority of southeastern Asia. Through the centuries Lan Xang’s population dwindled and the Lao mountain people had almost been completely absorbed by neighboring competitors. Most notably threats were Vietnam and the kingdom of Siam. The kingdom was completely disbanded by 1690 and it was the arrival of the French imperialists that would help save what would remain of the Laotian culture. The French government ensured that Laos would maintain its cultural identity throughout modern times and considered their actions as a “conquest of…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Three Gorges

    bicycle tour my family did independently. We began in our town of Chiangkhan, moving up the Mekong river into Laos. We biked to Luang Prabang then broke away from the river, riding to Dien Bien Phu. From there we crossed over to Hanoi, then down to Vinh, crossing back into Laos before looping home. Over the course of our trip we stayed in hotels and inns around the cities and small guest houses in the smaller towns. In the villages between the cities and town, we relied on the locals. They…

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  • Western Imperialism In Thailand

    Japanese decision makers for military operations in South-East Asia. Thai Government, in order to maintain the status quo in the region, on 12 June 1940 signed the treaties of non-aggression at Bangkok between Thailand on one hand and France and Britain on the other. At the same day a Treaty of amity and mutual respect was signed at Tokyo between Thailand and Japan. While the treaties with Britain and Japan were ratified in August and December 1940 respectively, the ratifications of the treaty…

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  • Sexual And Reproductive Health In Lao Pdp Case Study

    and policy advocacies. Community involvement and participation have been the central values to PI in implementing its mission. Project Background Improving the quality of health services, reducing maternal mortality, and decreasing total fertility rate are considered as the major health challenges in Lao PDR. In 2011, World Bank’s report titled “Reproductive Health at A Glance: Lao PDR” revealed that the maternal death rate in Lao (about 580 per 100,000 live births) continues to be among the…

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