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  • Laos Essay

    Laos, or the Lao People 's Democratic Republic, is a land locked-country in Southeastern Asia. It has a vast array of terrains that are traversed by the Mekong river. Sharing borders with Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar, Laos has a population size of approximately 6.77 million. This is roughly the size of Utah for population and size. Why leaders of the LPDR are in its capital Vientiane, along the Thailand border, the rest of the country’s population is extended across its mountainous terrain and multiple regions. Lao’s beliefs, values, or perceptions in it’s healthcare system are very complicated. It has a vast array of cultural differences. The the last accurate census conducted by the WHO determined Laos had with approximately…

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  • Bombing In Laos

    It was a normal day in Laos. Children went to school, adults went to work. All of a sudden, a plane flew over and dropped weirdly shaped items out of the belly. One by one, the items started to explode. Nobody knew why. The Ho Chi Minh Trail was the supply line for offensives of the actual war going on between the North Vietnamese Army, U.S., Thai, and South Vietnamese forces. There are many causes that made the United States decide to bomb Laos. Laos was bombed with millions of tons of bombs,…

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  • Sexual And Reproductive Health In Lao Pdp Case Study

    Health in Lao PDR BACKGROUND Organizational Background Pathfinder International (PI) is a leading international non-profit organization engaged in the area of sexual and reproductive health. PI with its mission ‘to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life’ believes that the reproductive health care is not only a part of basic human right, but also an essential way for creating better opportunities for women, which further leads…

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  • Edwin Starr And The Vietnam War

    treatment and war, Edwin Starr was one of the great singers during that time. Before 1945, French had the highest status in Vietnam, Lao, and Cambodia; however, after 1949, with communist became more and more powerful at that time, Ho Chi Minh who led north Vietnam declares independence. There were many communists in lots of countries such as the Soviet Union and China. Presidency Kennedy had a theory called “Domino theory”. It means if more communists control other areas such as the southern…

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  • Western Imperialism In Thailand

    democratic countries "no matter what may happen," that the Thais would look to the United States for aid at opportune time in the future to emancipate Thailand from Japanese military control, and that they would look for chances to cooperate with the United States". In doing this, the United States viewed Thailand as a puppet of Japan and declined to declare war as stated by the United States Political Adviser to U.S. Lieutenant General Raymond Albert Wheeler attached to Lord Louis Mountbatten…

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  • The Things They Carried Bravery Character Analysis

    Rat Kiley carried comic books, which kept him entertained during the war. Ted Lavender comforted himself with an orphan puppy, but also drugs. Lavender’s pain killers only attempted to comfort his experience in Vietnam. Seeing innocent people and friends die in the war changed every soldier’s life, but something needed to comfort them. Comfort is a way people can become brave as it encourages survival. For example, O’Brien mentioned, “Lee Strunk carried a slingshot; a weapon of last…

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  • Characterization Of Women In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    The Things They Carried is a novel written by Tim O’Brien that consists of multiple short stories that occurred around the time of the Vietnam War. The short stories within the book revolve around their struggles and hardships that Tim O’Brien’s platoon experienced during the war. In the book The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien tells stories of Martha, Mary Anne, and Linda in order to show how women were used as coping devices for soldiers during the war. Their stories as a whole help develop…

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  • Essay On Women In O Brien's The Things They Carried

    of the concept of war. O’Brien then uses the story of Mary Anne to demonstrate what war would have been like if women were involved. Not only would there be a greater understanding for women, but they would make as an asset with their different strengths from men. The Things They Carried is comprised of stories of the war where women act as outsiders that do not connect and sympathize for the soldiers within, reflecting on O’Brien’s beliefs that women were uninvolved in the Vietnam War. Women…

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  • Tim O Brien Rhetorical Analysis

    The purpose behind an author’s piece is what ultimately makes it interesting. Many people enjoy reading for various reasons; some like to read for entertainment and others like to read in order to develop a deeper understanding of a topic he or she wishes to learn more about. This can also be applied in regards to why authors enjoy writing -- he or she will always have a purpose. For instance, in Tim O 'Brien 's The Things They Carried, he tells many stories from when he was in the Vietnam War.…

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  • Nonfiction Elements In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    War changes people. The Vietnam war changed many soldiers, families, and countries who were affected. This war was different from the other wars we had fought in the past. It was long and, it lasted years longer than they had expected. The war became increasingly unpopular at home in the United States. The Things They Carried is a historical fiction novel that follows Tim O’Brien, who is also the protagonist of the book- and his fellow soldiers in the Alpha Company during the Vietnam war. Tim…

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