Edwin Starr And The Vietnam War

Edwin Starr was a well-known American singer from the 1960s. In the 1960s, there were many social issues, such as African-American civil rights movement, feminism, and the Vietnam war. Many artists stood out and spoke loudly to against unequal treatment and war, Edwin Starr was one of the great singers during that time. Before 1945, French had the highest status in Vietnam, Lao, and Cambodia; however, after 1949, with communist became more and more powerful at that time, Ho Chi Minh who led north Vietnam declares independence. There were many communists in lots of countries such as the Soviet Union and China. Presidency Kennedy had a theory called “Domino theory”. It means if more communists control other areas such as the southern part of …show more content…
As he mentioned many times in the lyrics” War, huh yeah, what it is good for? Absolutely not.” It demonstrates how terrible the war is and evoke people’s awareness of dissatisfaction with the Vietnam war. This highlights the brutality of the Vietnam war and it may lead the indelible damage to mankind. Mr. Starr thought war is wrong, and we can not get any benefits from the Vietnam war. If you loved one have to go to Vietnam, you may lose him. At the next section, he said: “War, I despite, because it means destruction of innocent life.” War is cruel, it led to thousands of people died in foreign countries. Before that years, not every many people realize the Vietnam war was a big issue, they just thought American military fight with other countries’ army and people in order to hold back communism. With more and more soldiers hurt and died, American people started to know the real meaning of war. It only contains sadness and casualties; those American soldiers were innocent; it can not get anything else. As one of the lines in “War”, “War means tears, to thousands of mothers eyes, when their sons go to fight, and lose their lives.” This lyric shows a sad fact to American people. The war shattered thousands of families. Only stop the Vietnam war can prevent more tragedy in normal American families. This part is very powerful because it can make people try to imagine how sadness if a mother loses her son. Moreover, more family members and friends will feel painful because they lose their loved one. So the Vietnam war was associate with everyone. This is only one family, how about thousands of soldiers and thousands of families? The Vietnam war will make all the country get into a grieved situation. Not only in the American family, lots of southeast Asian countries wiped out because of the war. So people must stand out and speak loudly to against the war. In the last two part, Mr. Starr

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