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  • Laos Essay

    Laos, or the Lao People 's Democratic Republic, is a land locked-country in Southeastern Asia. It has a vast array of terrains that are traversed by the Mekong river. Sharing borders with Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar, Laos has a population size of approximately 6.77 million. This is roughly the size of Utah for population and size. Why leaders of the LPDR are in its capital Vientiane, along the Thailand border, the rest of the country’s population is extended across its mountainous terrain and multiple regions. Lao’s beliefs, values, or perceptions in it’s healthcare system are very complicated. It has a vast array of cultural differences. The the last accurate census conducted by the WHO determined Laos had with approximately…

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  • Importance Of Harmony In Harmony Essay

    French diversité means difference. Therefore, harmony within diversity in other words means to fit together despite the differences. According to Martin Luther King Jr. " We are caught in an escapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affect one directly, affects all indirectly." It is inevitable that a society which varies in culture, religion, races, and even customs must understand that they need to embrace the differences as they live in a multiracial…

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  • Analysis Of The Girl With Seven Names By Hyeonseo Lee

    Hyeonseo worked hard to obtain an accounting qualification and was offered a job from a law firm. Yet, without a degree, she knew she would never be able to move on anything greater resulting in Hyeonseo applying to many universities and studying English for an extra credential. After a phone call from her mom, she was determined to help her mother and brother escaped North Korea. Hyeonseo set on a journey that was painstaking and full of obstacles where they’ll cross the border of North Korea…

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  • Battle Of Dien Bien Vhu Analysis

    dominance in negotiations. In July of 1953, a meeting held in Paris settled that France must give uppermost priority to the defense of Lao. Laos is a country in Southeast Asia known for its mountainous terrain, and Buddhist monasteries. However France had a pro-French government located in Cambodia and Vietnam that relied on heavily for the successful negotiations of the country. The French feared if they could not control the aggressiveness that was spiraling out of control in Laos that they…

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  • Essay On Sex Trafficking

    she was brought to a Thai brothel against her will by her employer. She was then forced to have sex with her employer’s client who paid to take her virginity (Kimmons). "Over the next year, Vahn became an enslaved prostitute. She tried to escape twice before being locked up in a room alone when she was not selling her body. The cash she made from sex work went to pay off her so-called travel expenses, a tactic used by traffickers known as debt bondage” (Kimmons). Because of her debt bondage,…

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