Personal Narrative: The Three Gorges

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Introduction I was born in Portland, Maine and moved around in Thailand from Chiangkhan, Loei, Phu Ruea and Bangkok to Texas, Seattle and Portland. Each time I would settle into a new school, sometimes coming back to a school I had just left a year or a few months earlier. If I 'm counting correctly Connecticut College is the ninth school I 've attended. I pride myself today in my ability to shift, learn quickly and adapt to every situation I face. I find it easy to move seamlessly not only between schools, but also between cultures, languages, and with the people I connect with in each place. Surely I can only credit this to what I experienced in changing environments so frequently as a child. My family did this, moving back and …show more content…
It is estimated that since 1949 the country has displaced and resettled some twenty million people (Si). As the country 's ever increasing need for energy rises; so too will it 's search for alternative modes of power. China 's largest project and in fact the worlds largest damn, The Three Gorges damn was completed in 2006 and is said to have cost $40 billion US dollars (BBC). Among the many world records the dam holds, one is the record for the highest number of people displaced with an official count of 1.13 million (Yardley). This official count is often seen as low with many putting the number at 1.4 million people. The dam has continued to impact people after its …show more content…
My project will deal more specifically with the changes the building of these dams have caused in the lives and cultures of those impacted. I will seek to determine the importance of these communities and cultures that exist along the path of the Mekong river and the impact they may have in decision making. The preliminary title for my proposed project is The Fragmentation of Culture and Community in China Due to Development and Displacement. In my proposed SIP I will examine China 's modern development of dams along the country 's major rivers and the displacement of people that this has caused. I will further analyze the fragmentation and loss of culture and community due to this displacement. My project would culminate in the form of an honors

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