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  • Lu Xun Writing Style Analysis

    Steven Li Prof. Yang CHIN 355 November 8 2016 A Critique of China: The Connection of Writing Style in Yu Hua and Lu Xun writing Lu Xun’s heavily anti-feudalism and anti-Confucian and Yu Hua’s “China in Ten Words” represent that Chinese citizens have no rights to speak for themselves due to the low level of living environment and corrupted government’s policies also called dictatorship. In both of their works, they seem have nothing similar because they are talking about two completely different things according to their experience, background, and what they had suffered, nevertheless, these are the reasons why they speak for mainland China because so many Chinese citizens are not satisfied with the circumstance, but they were so afraid to…

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  • The True Story Of Ah-Q By Lu Xun

    The Fall of Ah-Q(ing) In The True Story of Ah-Q, Lu Xun uses satire to compare the misfortunes of Ah-Q, a poor handyman, to the intrinsic problems of the Qing Dynasty that led to the Xinhai Revolution in 1911. Lu argues that the Xinhai Revolution was unsuccessful in implementing any positive changes in China because it was an unorganized rebellion, without a clear plan. Lu also contends that the lack of defined leadership throughout the Revolutionary Alliance hurt the party’s chances of success…

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  • Similarities Between Legalism And Confucianism

    Confucianism was originated by Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, and was then championed by both Mencius and Xunzi. During the same time period roughly, Shang Yang and Shen Buhai developed a new ideological system known as Legalism. Both philosophies found popularity in ancient China, though they hold very different ideals. At first glance, the ancient Chinese philosophies Confucianism and Legalism seem to be polar opposites in regards to government, education, and social relationships.…

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  • Hsun-Tzu's Confucian Philosophy

    Hsun-Tzu, better known as Xunzi was one of the three sophisticated philosophers in Confucian Philosophy. In the Confucian era, Xunzi was familiarized with many challenges. Xunzi’s philosophy is based on the conception of social and political order. Xunzi, not like any other philosopher, is known for his belief that man’s nature is evil and goodness is the result of conscious activity. Xunzi believes that human nature lacks morality, which leads to the rise of disorder and conflict. In the nature…

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  • Themes In Joy Luck Club And Charlie Bissinger's Dreaming Of Heroes

    In Amy Tan’s, “Joy Luck Club” and Charlie Bissinger’s article, “ Dreaming of Heroes” from Friday Night Lights develop the central theme of Hope and Confidence between the relationships of the children and their parents.The central theme: hope develops because of the high expectations that the parents want from their children;, so, they can develop a better lives for themselves in the future. As the process of achieving the the high expectations from the parents goes on, the children seem to…

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  • Southern Identity In O Connor's Short Stories

    Southern Heart Throughout her stories, O’ Connor, has hidden meanings of her viewpoints on southern identity. O’Connor’s style of writing has deep meaning because she was raised in the south, and she expresses it through characters for the most part. In her short stories “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, “Good Country People”, and “Revelation” there is much hidden meaning in the characters that show their southern identity such as dialect and appearance. Throughout O’Conner’s short stories, the…

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  • The Miracle Birth Analysis

    Ashten Lolley The Miracle Birth Payton Holmes, a young, beautiful woman at the age of twenty-one was a kindergarten teacher at the River Town elementary school. A stunning man by the name of Haden Clark was twenty-three years old and was a post office worker in that town. Payton and Haden had attended the same church since they were little children. It was now that Haden was older that he realized the admiration and love he had for Payton. One day as Mrs. Holmes was teaching her…

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  • An Inspector Calls: A Short Story

    After a silent car ride, we pulled up into the driveway and I hopped out of the car before it could even completely stop. With my backpack repeatedly hitting my side I rushed through the front door, ran down the hall, bursted into my room and immediately shut my door. I dropped my bag and leaned against the wood, lowering myself to the ground. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Two missed calls, three texts, one voicemail. Mom. "Hey." Said one. "How did it go?" Asked another. "Call me when…

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  • Chuck Van Der Woodsen: A Short Story

    Chuck van der Woodsen lives on the corner of 13th street. Not in a house, nor an apartment, but next to a dumpster on the sidewalk. His daily routine consisted of begging for spare change and rummaging through dumpsters for scraps. Barely making it by. Of course plenty of people walked past him everyday in the huge city of Chicago. Every once and awhile someone would generously throw a dollar or two in his tattered hat that he kept beside him. Other times they offered him something to eat.…

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  • Personal Narrative : A Car Ride With My Fellow Friends

    "Ring!" sounded the final bell on a Friday afternoon at school. Students sprinted out of class to get to their cars trying to beat the rush of traffic; I was one of them. I stopped by my locker to grab all of my books and then hurried out to my shiny gold Toyota Camry. I quickly put my key into the ignition and backed out of my parking spot. I stepped on the gas pedal to beat all of the idiot drivers that don 't know how to wait their turn. Once at the stoplight, I took a sharp right turn…

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