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  • Rio Tinto Group Sustainability Study

    measured according to the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line assess companies through three factors: people, planet and profit. This essay will discuss Rio Tinto Group’s sustainability by using triple bottom line and give recommendations on the company’s weaknesses. Rio Tinto Group composed of two joined mining companies, Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Limited; its headquarter is in the United Kingdom(Rio Tinto a, n.d.). Rio Tinto’s products are “aluminium, copper, diamonds, gold, industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide and salt),…

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  • Tinto Life Cycle Structure

    international climate and energy policy developments and we advocate constructively for policies that are environmentally effective, economically efficient and equitable” (Rio Tinto, 2015b; p.Environment8), the reason for their delay is embedded in their drive to maximize gain as exemplified above. Irrespective of such glitches, it is noteworthy that Rio Tinto works closely with its suppliers to meet an ethical baseline in their operations “Rio Tinto’s set out the expectations the Group has of…

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  • Simondou Project Case Study

    a. Describe the Simondou iron ore exploration and mining project. The Simondou project is a mining and ore exploration project in Southeast Guinea, managed by the Rio Tinto Company. The mining camp is located between the cities of Dandano, Boola and Beyla. The surrounding communities are composed by many of the poorest people of the Republic of Guinea. There is lack of adequate sanitation and safe drinking water. The existing health system is weak and overwhelmed. Avid to explore the iron of…

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  • Rio Tinto Ethical Issues

    After close inspection of Rio Tinto, there have been widespread allegations against the company with regard to its bad behavior as a corporate citizen. Rio Tinto is a global mining company with extensive operations in Africa. Their “products” are the stocks that they currently allow people to buy to invest in the company. Ways that Rio Tinto’s social impact affects their company is as follows. If Rio Tinto was to in any way harm its image and integrity as a company, everyday people will then…

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  • Frontier Mining Company Case Study

    With several mining accidents taking place on a yearly basis, GFMC suffered compensation losses by having to pay out large sums of money to employees injured in mining accidents hence the need for greater measures and training in the area of safety. The nature of the company’s operations impacts on the environment severely and with the rising body of environmental protection agencies and watch groups along with environmental legislation, greater emphasis need to be placed on environmental…

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  • Diamond Mining: Harmful To The Environment Analysis

    Diamond mining is a beneficial industry for the economy, but many worry that the money gained from the industry isn't worth the cost of how diamond mining affects people and the environment. While there are precautions taken the argument "Diamond Mining: Harmful to the Environment" is the best supported argument as the author appeals to the majority of people's emotions with an ecofriendly view, uses specific examples that are relevant to our world today, and proves their point strongly…

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  • Klondike Gold Rush Research Paper

    Robert Keagan Parry Big Idea Part 2: First Peoples of the Klondike Gold Rush, the Tr'ondek Hwech'in The Tr'ondek Hwech'in were the first peoples to occupy the valley at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon Rivers, now known as Dawson City. This area is known as being the centre of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896, and to this day is subjected to vast amounts of mining, …

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  • Newmont Mining Company Case Study

    ecological and physical impacts, it do not occur until there are any specific alternations of the environment. Social impacts evolve, change and transform further throughout the duration of project and continue long after the development or the activity has ended. The responsibility concept and relevant actions have become a way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to propaganda the values of the company and to minimize the negative impacts associated with its business operations and processes,…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Sluicing In Ancient Egypt

    Gold has been mined for centuries, dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt. Back then, the mined gold because it was beautiful and also imperishable. They’d make jewelry, cups, and decorate tombs with it. The way people mined it in ancient times was by using a process called “sluicing”. They would make wood troughs with riffles set in the bottom to create a zone to allow gold to drop through. The box is then placed in a stream to channel water flow. Today, the method of sluicing is still…

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  • Singareni Collieries Company Case Study

    The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is a Government coal mining organization mutually possessed by the Government of Telangana and Government of India on a 51:49 value basis. The reserves of Singareni coal stretch over 350 Km of the Pranahita – Godavari Valley of Telangana with a huge amount coming up to 8791 million tons. SCCL is as of now working on 16 opencast and 31 underground mines in 4 regions of Telangana with an employee base of around 58,837. Sustainable Management in SCCL…

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