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  • Sternberg Love Triangle Essay

    Nowadays, love is everywhere. Movies, books, music, and art commonly revolve around love. Whether it’s a cheesy romance novel, or an abstract sculpture, there are hundreds of pieces about it. One common theme in these pieces in the concept of the “love triangle”. Consumers of media have heard the phrase “love triangle” for decades. In this context, two people are in love with the same person. This, however, is not the only meaning behind the phrase. Robert Sternberg, an American psychologist, proposed an entirely separate meaning behind the term. Understanding Sternberg’s theory of love is a great way to explore oneself on a deeper level, and possibly even improve personal relationships (Ciccarelli, 2017). Love is a spectacular thing, with…

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  • Essay On Bernini's Love Triangle

    eing in love it makes you do things that you would at no time see yourself doing. While in love you forget the rules of everyday life and your mind becomes overrun with irrational thoughts and emotions that take complete control over your body which leads you to make insane and asinine decisions. Love clouds your sense of judgment; when handling intense situations you have a calm and level head, in the case of Bernini’s love triangle, (with his youngest brother Luigi and his Mistress…

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  • Kendall Jenner's Complicated Love Triangle

    Kendall Jenner Faces a Complicated Love Triangle with Harry Styles and Jordan Clarkson When it comes to the love affairs of Kendal Jenner, the list is long and she has been associated with many men. Rumors keep flying about her love affairs and she is famous for keeping them away from the public eye despite being linked with well-known names. And right now, she is under scrutiny from public as well as media as she is being linked with two popular names. Rumors suggest that the supermodel is…

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  • Triangle Theory Of Love Analysis

    Love is an extremely loaded word that is very misunderstood and overused. At its best, it brings immense happiness and joy to people. At its worst, a world of pain, emotional suffering, and irreparable scars. We love our parents, we love our children and as people grow and develop, they eventually seek to find romantic love. It is the stuff all people dream about, is an idea sensationalized by Hollywood and has even been commercialized thanks to Valentine’s Day. Love is not something that…

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  • Love Triangles: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has actually thrown away no time at all this period providing spins that minimal programs could hang on to for months, as well as tonight's episode-- just the 3rd in the CW program's 2nd period-- was no exemption. After waffling backward and forward over Josh as well as Greg, doing "Love Triangles" (potentially the collection' ideal tune) in the design of Marilyn Monroe at the same time, Rebecca lastly landed as well as made a choice on Greg ... equally as he determined to…

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  • Arthurian Love Triangles

    The Arthurian legend is mainly known for the love triangles. One of the most well known and famous love triangles is among King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot. In a lot of love triangles, there is always a tragedy. The tragedy could be a death of a member in the triangle or pain from a heartbreak. There are many versions of love triangles with different variations of a certain tragedy, however, a lot of the time, there is a tragedy in love triangles. In the Arthurian legend, one of many famous…

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  • Essay On Triangle Theory Of Love

    Reiss’s wheel theory of love Wheel Theory of Love describes the four stages of love that certain relationships look for or that is lacking in some areas. With each person having a different upbringing their definition or thoughts of love would be different. Depending on how they were raised one person in the relationship would know how to feel at ease in a relationship if they came from a household where they had both of their parents. They would get the love they need from both the mother and…

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  • Love Triangles In The Midsummer Night's Dream

    Love is a magical, mysterious, and mesmerizing feeling. It can be felt all around the world in between many different people, even multiple people, but when multiple people become involved, a lot of contradicting reactions can result. In Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, we can see how multiple love triangles bring drama, humor, and terror to the play. All three reactions create clumps of crazy chaos to the script and lure the reader in. We first see the love triangles appear when Hermia’s…

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  • The Importance Of Love Triangles In The Arthurian Legend

    relationships were formed in a way of the “love triangle”. Unlike other love interests that are a two way street, such as Merlin and Viviane, there are three different love triangles with compelling stories that you wouldn’t normally come across in a real life situation. Three situations in which this occurs are with Uther Pendragon, Igraine, and Gorlois; Lancelot, King Arthur, and Guinevere; and Lancelot, Morgaine, and Guinevere. These love triangles all have a captivating story that reveals a…

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  • The Importance Of The Love Triangle In Oscar Wilde's Play

    alone, he asks her why she does not refuse Ko-Ko if she does not love him and she replies, “He’s my guardian, and he wouldn’t let me marry you!” (1.1.464-465). It is evident that both characters love each other, but because Yum-Yum is a woman and too young to say anything about her engagement, the law reinforces the love triangle, as she is legally linked to Ko-Ko. As a result, the triangle does not help create positive relationships, but instead, it prevents them from being a happy couple. The…

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