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  • Role Of Zeus

    There is a total of 15 gods within Zeus 's family. At first he and just his brothers were to rule all, but Zeus decided on many other jurisdictions. To start off there is Zeus, roman myth Jupiter and used thunderbolts to defeat the titans. Homar 's famous phrase can be quoted as "cloud gather", for he controls weather and the sky itself. Zeus created court and once felt Hera 's scorn for trying to tempt fate to stop son, Sarpedon 's dealt. Seemingly just but, adulterous (171). Next would be Zeus 's brothers Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon ruler of the sea using a three-pronged trident. He creates waves and without a proper sacrifice sailors may not reach their destination. Poseidon’s son just as unpredictable as he is, a cyclopes named Polyphemus.…

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  • Zeus Role In Medea

    Zeus, the god and father of immortals and man, is connected to almost all ancient Greek literature. Through either self-intervention or the intervention of his bloodline, he is present in some sense in the conflicts and resolutions inflicted on man. He is a figure that all characters can look to in times of tragedy, prosperity, or misguidance. The nature of Zeus is often conveyed through a judiciary sense. In the Greek Tragedies Women of Trachis, Medea, & Hippolytus, Zeus partakes in the…

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  • Characteristics Of Zeus In The Iliad

    all mighty Zeus, for their fear gives him power. His leadership skills show his strength, and he has the most power in what goes on the battlefield as well in Olympus. So after this essay one will be exposed to why Zeus posses the characteristic of strength and is seen without limits. To start off, the gods pass along fear. They feared of their side losing, they feared of getting hurt, but mostly they feared on going against Zeus’s wishes for they know what the outcome would be. For example…

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  • The Pergamon Neus: The Importance Of Zeus

    The altar of Zeus, which is usually referred as the Pergamon altar, is a giant monument constructed under King Eumenes II (Campell, “Pergamon”) on one of the terraces of the Acropolis in Pergamon. It is one of the numerous sculptural monuments that the Pergamenes aim of commemorating their military achievements (Pollitt 81). The altar is a part of the Acropolis that includes the library and the sanctuary of Athena on the sides (Fig. 1), which was built to worship their patron goddess Athena and…

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  • Zeus: God Of The Sky And Weather

    In Greek mythology, Zeus was known as the god of the sky and weather, or the sender of thunder. He overthrew his father, Cronus, and became the supreme leader of the gods. His golden throne was on the highest summit of Mount Olympus showing his superiority and respect from all gods and mortals (Mortal kings would boast that they were descendants of Zeus). While his well known weapon was the thunderbolt which he hurls at the ones who displeases or defies him, he also possesses a shield, the…

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  • Role Of Zeus And Hera In The Iliad

    For this activity, I selected two gods and a hero: Zeus, Hera, and Achilles. Zeus and Hera are principal actors in the Olympian thread of the plot, and inseparable in their entanglements, both with each other and with mortals. I felt that I would understand the Iliad itself better if I understood these supreme gods better. Achilles is, of course, the hero of the Iliad and is the axis of the entire storyline. I will present, in order, the biographies of these three characters. Then I will explain…

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  • Zeus: The Last King Of The Gods

    Zeus, meaning, bright or sky, was born of the parents, Cronus and Rhea. Zeus was the last child of his parents. Cronus, before Zeus was born, was warned by his parents that one of his children would over throw him. So for each of the children that Cronus had, the child would be swallowed by him. However, Rhea, tricked Cronus into thinking Zeus was in a blanket, although, it was just a rock in a blanket. Rhea tricked Cronus, so she could save Zeus. Rhea then had sent Zeus to the Greek island of…

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  • Zeus And Kim Jong-Un

    pleases. A leader that has control of what his people are expose to, as in news and food supply. Still Kim Jong-Un is still seen as a powerful leader even if seen negativity. Zeus is somewhat like Kim Jong-Un for he used fear to show his power from the rest of the gods. His leadership skills show his strength, even though it may be seen wrong but benefits him. He has the most power in what goes on the battlefield as well in Olympus. So after this essay one will be exposed to why Zeus posses the…

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  • Zeus Works & Days Essay

    Zeus was the King of Gods because he overthrew his father and some of his brothers. He was also the ruler of skies and the earth where he had the power to create all natural phenomena related to air and the sky like storms. People refer him as the “father of Gods and Men.” Hera was the Queen of the Gods and the wife and sister of Zeus. She was known for being the Goddess of Marriage and Birth. She was also known for being jealous of Zeus’s many lovers. Dionysus was the Olympian god of wine.…

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  • Ares: The Son Of Zeus And Hera And The God Of War

    Ares Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera and the god of war. He was a violent god that enjoyed the chaos and bloodshed of war. He was one of the most disliked gods, even by his own parents. Ares lacked morals and unlike Athena, was more interested in destruction instead of the strategy and justice of war. He is often pictured in armor, with a shield and sword/spear and was known for his fearsome war cry. Ares often lost battles because he was always easily outwitted, but that didn’t stop this…

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