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  • Formulaic Theories In Orthodoxy Theology And Ministry

    In Orthodoxy theology and ministry are inseparable. Theology is not simply a formulaic doctrine or belief that is written down only for comprehension, but rather it is the genuine revelation from God Himself that is expressed in the ministry. Without the proper understanding of the truth in regards to the disease in this world, how could one prescribe any medication or seek any form of healing? In the same manner how could one hold onto a precious treasurer and not apply it to heal those who are suffering? As Father Joseph states, “creative tension must be maintained if pastoral theology will be done correctly….the words of this tension are praxis and theory and not praxis and theology” (98). For simply reducing theology to a theory or a belief would be contrary to the Orthodox understanding. In the same manner one can’t reduce theology to only experience since understanding and studying the faith is essential. So then the question becomes how can one establish this balance in a practical sense? Fr. Joseph Allen seeks to explain this through analyzing the Orthodox model, which strives to transform human situations into a theological task (101). The Orthodox model speaks of four categories or “steps”. The first degree is the foundation of the faith, the second degree is the praxis or the pastoral theology, this pastoral theology passes through a therapeutic screen, and finally the growth screen. The first degree is the essential foundation which leads to the effectiveness of…

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  • Beowulf: Mythological And Archetypal Hero's Quest

    Beowulf is a literary work from the Anglo-Saxon time period in which the mythological and archetypal Hero Quest is portrayed. Like every literary work that includes a Hero’s Quest, the call, the obstacles, the climax, and the return are all crucial parts. The main character, Beowulf, depicts a hero in this time period. As a leader of the Geats, Beowulf is called to multiple challenges throughout his lifetime, such as killing Grendel, in order to help the Danes. Beowulf takes on multiple quests…

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  • The Influence Of Photography

    The word photography is derived from the Greek words for writing and light. A world without photography is hard and to some extent impossible to imagine due to its constant presence in our everyday life. Photography has saved us from sparing a lot of words to describe scenery or landscape of outlook of an individual and with the wings of technology photography has captured us from every aspect of life. (T. Bentley, 2009) From retaining memories to exploring landscapes as well as in the medical…

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  • My Reflection Of My Development As A College Level Writer

    I have to take a writing course? Ugh. This was the feeling I had when I first registered to take this course and it wasn’t a good one. It had been years since I had to any kind of writing development course. After taking this course throughout the semester it has been an immense help in my development as a college level writer. I began writing 101 with very little writing skills, but now I’m able to formulate a thesis, develop a sentence, develop a paragraph and use proper grammar. A thesis is…

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  • King Arthur Vs Beowulf Essay

    The well-known, notorious legends of Beowulf and King Arthur exemplify the exact definition of an epic hero and their outstanding courage, strength, honor, and ambition are told of still today, thousands of years later. The noble warrior of the Geats, Beowulf, values loyalty to his people over even success, fame, and fortune. When Beowulf hears of the horror and torment that the Danes have been suffering for years and years because of Grendel, he accepts the appointing of King Hrothgar to fight…

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  • CDC And ADHD Information Analysis

    How the CDC effectively provides ADHD information ADHD is a disorder that could take time and a lot of attention to be able to diagnose. There are many tools and help provided to parents and teachers to assist in recognizing symptoms and signs. The CDC developed a page on their website to provide more information about ADHD. On this page the CDC provides useful information that parents, teachers and even healthcare providers could benefit from. The information on the page is broken down into…

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  • The Benefits Of Encephalitis

    Its finals week, you’ve studied and prepared as much as humanly possible. You’ve accepted failure for some classes and triumph in others. But, what if you were never given a study guide, never learned the material, never prepared? Chris Maxwell knows this scenario all too well; he was given a test for which he had never thought he would need to prepare for. In March 1996, Chris Maxwell faced his test, head on, and without any warning. He began to faint and had a relentless sense of fatigue; this…

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  • Character Analysis Of Angels In America By Tony Kushner

    Anguish and Angels Who is the protagonist of Angels in America? Why? How does or does not this individual (or individuals) fit into the Aristotelian concept of a protagonist? Angels in America by Tony Kushner is a classic case of finding one’s identity through truth and lies, that’s coupled with the stigma of disease and sexual orientation. The play features two couples, Louis and Prior, and Joe and Harper who’s fates all seem to come together after each of them undergoes troubling experiences.…

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  • Beowulf Hero's Journey Analysis

    In Beowulf, Beowulf, the main character, is regarded as a hero. He is known throughout the Land of the Danes and the Land of the Geats as fearless and courageous when he comes to their aid to help slay Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and a Dragon. Beowulf’s heroism is exemplified in two phases: the first is youthful heroism and the second is mature heroism, once he is crowned King. Throughout his life, Beowulf helped not only his own people, but also those in other lands. People look up to him for his…

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  • Organizational Analysis: Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Art Organizational Analysis Paper There is such diversity located within Los Angeles that can be seen through the history and current times. Many people, in the community, however do not know the history or cultures of LA and one way to that is to visit museums. All museums have a purpose and mission statement set to bring the guest understanding or guideline on their collection of works. With the field trips into Los Angeles the two museums, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Japanese…

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