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  • Mexican Maquiladoras Essay

    Traditional Unions and the Mexican Maquiladoras: Dispute and Fragmentation The first maquiladoras were established in the border cities of Nogales, Tijuana, Matamoros, and Ciudad Juarez in the 1960s and 1970s. There was a power struggle among the principal worker organizations (CTM, CROC, and COROM) to obtain the right to represent the workers during this period. This struggle provoked at least two types of labor actions. The first was focused on worker contracts and the right to control internal labor conditions. Quintero associates this action with traditional labor unions. It is traditional union action and it has been very common in the city of Matamoros. The second type of action was the formation of ghost (white) unions or protection unions. The formation of these organizations was in direct…

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  • The Beautiful Flowers Of The Maquiladora Analysis

    It explains an industry that employed a “labor force that is 80 to 90 percent female” (introduction xix), in the maquiladoras. It is about the migration of the Mexican women, whom, after leaving their homes, acquired job skills, integrated themselves into unfamiliar neighborhoods, and along with their children survived the experience, that highlights the intent of all immigrant child, men and women, to integrate into a society that will offer the opportunities to become financially independent.…

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  • Maquiladoras In Mexico

    In the 1960’s the use of Maquiladoras began to arise. Maquiladoras are mexican factories that are set up by foreign countries. Foreign countries (mostly the United States for factories in Mexico) send the parts of a product to Maquiladoras and mexican assembly line workers create the products and ship them back to the country they came from. Foreign companies typically use this business practice because it offers cheap labor and tax breaks. The use and presence of maquiladoras did not become so…

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  • Film Summary: The Global Assembly Line

    The fear that was embellished among women, the dehumanization as well as inability to organize and protest is what made these factories more powerful all for the benefit of the rich who fed off the poor. The global assembly line film raises the question, que es la democracia, what is democracy? This democracy that feeds off the poor with the vision of the capitalist society who only seeks profit for the rich. Those who open their eyes to the working conditions are fired, beaten or killed. These…

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  • Case Study Maquiladoras

    Time is money is a motto that these firms stick to strictly because they operate under two fundamental issues which are productivity and quality. They look for speed and women that can handle the pressure because they have deadlines and quota to meet each day. When one of the maquiladoras workers becomes pregnant that implies a loss to the firm productivity and money wise because pregnant women cannot produce at the same speed. As fat women as well are not wanted because they are believe to work…

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  • Maquiladoras: Hazardous Waste

    The growth of maquiladoras has led to increased air, water, and soil, pollution due to the inadequate disposal of hazardous wastes throughout the northern border area. Maquiladoras generate many hazardous waste such as acids, nickel, lead, paints, oils, and plastics, which are not regularly accounted for, despite the existence of the La Paz Agreement which requires U.S companies to deal with the toxic wastes associated with production (Frey 329). Statistics show that in the 1990s only 25 percent…

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  • Maquiladoras: Anomalies In The Mexican Economic System

    Maquiladoras are “ Factories boomed in the 1980s as anomalies in the Mexican enterprise system. Maquiladoras are 100 percent foreign-owned (mostly US). Companies can import components duty free, use low-cost labor for assembly, and then export finished products to the US, paying minimal duties”0. Maquiladoras may help the mexican economy as well as supplying a surplus of jobs but there’s also a downside. They pay their employees very little while the employees work long hours while performing…

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  • Mexican Workers Research Paper

    for the Mexican worker. The logic and goals of the government are sound but the results are minimal, in reality maquiladora industries invest little in technology or human capital development; this trend has depressed the development of technologically advanced maquiladoras, human capital development that would diversify and develop the Mexican economy. Samstad and Pipkin establish the variance between first, second and third generation Maquiladoras, first generation factories are structured as…

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  • Stereotypes Against Working Women

    Many single mother do not have stable child care place to leave their children so most of the time the kids are left alone. Some mother would turn off all the light so that the kids would not electrocute themselves; others would look them in the house so they cannot escape; others would just give them tranquilizers so that their children can stay out of trouble. These mothers put their child life at risk instead of starting a movement for a child care within the maquiladoras. The maquiladoras…

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  • Magical Urbanism Summary

    experience as those of Latin Americas relation with the US since many face the racial bias against them such as the scandal from Steven Woods death, the exploitation of immigrants seen through the maquiladoras and the emphasize of US customs being superior to that of Hispanic…

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