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  • Sugar Maple Research Paper

    Acer saccharum (Marsh.) is a member of the Aceraceae family and is commonly known as the sugar maple. The sugar maple leaf is the main symbol depicted on the Canadian flag which further emphasizes its importance to Canadian culture and history. Along with it’s cultural significance, it is also extremely important economically in Canada due to the various products that are produced from it’s sap and wood. Due to it’s widespread canopy capable of blocking large amount of sunlight and its gorgeous leaf structure and colourations in the fall, this tree is highly valued as an ornamental and for shade (Sugar Maple, Arbor Day Foundation, 2016). There are nine other Acer species that are native to Canada, of which six major examples include A. glabrum…

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  • Suger Maple Research Paper

    Suger maple(Acer saccharum) Aceraceae/ Maple family sometimes called rock maple or hard maple, it is one of the largest hardwoods that is wide spreaded in western Canada. Sugar maple is common associtated with those common types: Acer negundo,manitoba maple Acer ginnala,amur maple Acer sacharrinum,silver maple Tree with overall up to 35 m tall, long straight trunk, usually branch-free for 2/3rds of its height. Leaves: Simple leaves, oppositely arranged and they’re flat, with three or five…

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  • Maple Syrup Urine Disease Case Study

    metabolism are a group of rare disorders characterized by metabolic pathway abnormalities. One such disorder is Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) otherwise known as Branched-chain Ketoaciduria, a dangerous condition in which over saturation of amino acids in the blood can lead to toxicity progressing to encephalopathy, neurodegeneration, coma or respiratory failure (Haldeman-Englert, 2015). MSUD results from a malfunction of the branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex (BCKD) (Kniffin,…

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  • Names In The 1920's

    name ‘Maple’ would not have been included on this list. In current day America, society has shifted their viewpoint of names to include much less-traditional options; it is not too uncommon to hear of a child being christened after a flower or tree. However, in the 1920’s, such unusual names…

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  • Electric Guitar Techniques

    well when worn with a strap without tilting toward the headstock or the body. The larger or thicker bodies, especially those made of heavier woods, can be very heavy and tiring to play. Guitar Body Woods The look of each piece of wood is unique; even within one tree species, pieces vary from one to the next in grain pattern, color weight, and density. The sonic properties of different woods and their different and densities, vary dramatically. Every once sustained well and have a brighter,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Heart For A Heart

    no times I could sit up on my hospital bed and ate my meals with no helps. After I was strong enough to walked to the bathrooms right down the hall, I begged to took me down to the park right next to the hospital. I’ve never been a friend of Mother Nature all these years I’m alive. But this time I was willing to make her my lover. The chirpings of the birds hidden in the trees were the best songs I ever heard. The sunlight escaped through the tree leaves and shone on my hair; killing the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Green Mountain Sugar House

    Vermont. My mom, dad, sister, and two dogs pile into the car at the break of dawn to travel. We take this weekend trip to visit our beloved grandmother, Mimi. It is always a pleasure visiting her, but the car ride is always so long. Miles after miles, there seems to be no end. There is only one thing stopping me from losing my mind during this ride, maple creemees. The taste lingers in my mouth the entire weekend, the taste of the cream as it melts onto my tongue and slowly freezes every…

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  • Maple Syrup: A Case Study

    standard. The cause of the -20‰ of δ13C in the maple syrup is no cause for concern. The reason -20‰ of δ13C may have been a cause for concern is because there are some sugarwoods that will adulterate their maple syrup with corn syrup or cane sugar. Corn syrup, as well as cane sugar, have a higher δ13C content than maple syrup. Typically corn syrup and cane sugar have between -9‰ to -12‰ of δ13C while maple syrup typically has between -24‰ to -26‰ of δ13C (Martin et al. 1996). Maple syrup…

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  • Patty Pancake Speech

    Page 1 Once upon a time in a kitchen not so far away, there lived in a small cottage made of milk and honey and all things yummy, Patty Pancake, Mommy Muffin and Daddy Doughnut. Page 2 Patty Pancake was so excited to begin her first day of school at Maple Syrup elementary. Telling Mommy Muffin and Daddy Doughnut about all of the friends she would meet. Page 3 Mrs. Danish, her teacher introduced Patty Pancake to her new classmates. “Good morning class, a new student has joined us today. Please…

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  • Maple Syrups Research Paper

    How to choose the better dietary food of maple syrups Oxidative damage is believed to stand among mechanisms behind aging and more diseases. It consists of more chemical reactions which involve free radicals. Anti-oxidants are substances which can make levels of free radicals. It reduces oxidative damage. It potentially avoids the risks of few diseases. Few studies found that maple syrup contains 24 different antioxidant substances. Darker syrups contain higher amount of anti-oxidants than…

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