Suger Maple Research Paper

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Suger maple(Acer saccharum)
Aceraceae/ Maple family sometimes called rock maple or hard maple, it is one of the largest hardwoods that is wide spreaded in western Canada.
Sugar maple is common associtated with those common types:
Acer negundo,manitoba maple
Acer ginnala,amur maple
Acer sacharrinum,silver maple
Tree with overall up to 35 m tall, long straight trunk, usually branch-free for 2/3rds of its height.
Leaves: Simple leaves, oppositely arranged and they’re flat, with three or five long pointed lobes. The leaf can be easily distinguished from other maple species by identifying two “u shaped” notches that seperate the sides shape. Margins with a few irregular undulations (wavy) teeth to serrated.
Bark: Smooth when young,
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Flowers are pollinated by bees. (“The life of a sugar maple tree.”) seed production:Fruits that result from flower pollination usually mature in about 10 to 12 weeks and become ripe in September or October. The double samara fruit is characteristic of sugar maple, but usually only one seed is viable. asexual reproduction, germination requirements and early growth
Successional status
Seedlings need to be protected from competition with other plants for sunlight, water and nutrients. They also need to be protected from mice, deer and other wildlife. (“Extension Ontario notes Sugar Maple” )Mature trees and stands of sugar maple reach 300 to 400 years of age, 27 to 37 m (90 to 120 ft) in height, and 76- to 91-cm (30- to 36-in) in d.b.h. (“Sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.)”)
At early stage of growth, suger maples generally grow very slow because they regenerate under shades.
Iinteraction with other species:Hybrids have been reported between sugar maple and black and red maples (“Sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.)”)
Growth rates, longevity, and rooting

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