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  • The Importance Of Tree Communication

    Tree Communication: The Life Underneath Imagine yourself walking through a forest. There are enormous trees surrounding you. Every step is covered with sticks, fallen branches, flowers, dirt, and grass. The air is fresh, clear, and relaxing. The sounds are filled with birds chirping and rivers flowing, this relaxes your hectic mind that’s constantly going. Nature is a beautiful adventure that allows stress to dissolve and brings peace and serenity into our lives. These are the moments we take a break from worrying and gossiping about what’s going on around us. Humans love to communicate to one another. Communication is how we survive, how we live. We all know people communicate through language, yet have you ever wondered if it were possible…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Tree

    The tree Arianna Dunphy Narrative summative The wiping cold rushing wind hit me hard as a rock while i leaped impatiently i couldn't wait to get to the top of the pine tree.i hadn't jumped this fast in a while.It Was late fall I was going to the top of the pine tree, there were 4 thick branches crossed over each other there weren't too big of a gap so you couldn't fall through the branches then there was a branch strong enough to hold you up to a tiny clearing to look out on the woods and…

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  • Killing Tree Descriptive Writing

    Malicious A twisted tree trunk protrudes out of the silt like earth, covered in crude knots and lanky dead branches; the trunk hovers over the small stretch of land it sits upon. The rough, callous bark of the foreboding tree a dark hazel splattered with sections of sunken grooves. A shadow casts upon the intruding tree, darkening the bottom section of the once splendid trunk to a sinister shade of black. The upper top half on the trunk splintered, as if its own structure and size had betrayed…

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  • The Importance Of The Weeping Willow Tree

    That is what makes it such a beautiful tree. Our campus Weeping Willow Tree consisted of inflorescence flowers. Looking closely we were able to see that they were already drying up. Also an interesting fact about this tree is that the flowers bloomed first and now at this time it’s starting to leaf. The Weeping Cherry Tree that we analyzed had a birds nest in it that we assumed was there since last year. The appearance of this tree is very similar to the Weeping Willow Tree. However, a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up To A Tree House

    We jumped back of the back and bursted into a run to catch up to him. We followed a trail of trees marked with red paint until we stopped in front of a old oak tree. I looked around and my face fell. I saw Tabby was just as confused as I was. My grandpa laughed and told us to look up. Hidden up in the branches was what looked to be a tree house. I could feel the excitement come over me, but then my grandpa told us to stay where we were. I watch as he climb up into the branches of the mighty oak.…

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  • Essay On Christmas Tree

    decorating of the Christmas Tree. Christmas takes place in winter and trees are common this time of year. The Christmas Tree is one of the most traditional objects of the holiday season that goes back many generations and many different cultures use them. Several steps are involved in this process. Decorating a Christmas Tree can be done in five major steps which are; putting up the bare tree, stringing the lights, adding ornaments, using tinsel, and placing the tree topper on top. The tree…

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  • Symbols Of A Christmas Tree

    My artifact is a small Christmas tree my mother and father bought when they were first married. This tree is something I have always cherished because it reminds me of joyful times spent with my family when I was a child. Although the Christmas tree has become a symbol for the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth, for this essay the Christmas tree represents family and childhood memories. One of my earliest childhood memories was of laying on my living room floor with only the light of the…

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  • Craftsbury Christmas Tree Farm Summary

    Summary Craftsbury features Pete Hinman of Craftsbury Christmas Tree Farm during his twentieth season operating a small-scale tree farm, following the transformation that both the farm and Pete’s life undergo before, during, and after the peak Christmas tree season. The film will focus on the history of Pete’s ownership of Craftsbury Tree Farm, and raise questions of what will become of it as he gets older. The overarching theme of a family tree will intersect with the stories of the trees on…

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  • The Purpose Of Project Angel Tree

    Service Project- Angel Tree The purpose of Angel Tree is to ensure that every child on Christmas morning has a present to open. Christmas is a time for giving and project Angel Tree is just one of the many ways people can give back to their community. The gift donated to project Angel Tree are given to children in the local community whose parents cannot financially provide them with a gift. Families in need sign up for Angel Tree, and then people in the community are able to “adopt” that child.…

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  • Relationship In Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree'

    relationship between a child and a parent, with just a boy and a tree.Did you ever stop to think about how the tree and the boy bond? The tree and the boy have a beautiful relationship, but really what type of relationship do they have? In “The Giving Tree”, Shel Silverstein shows the relationship of a parent and child through the characterization of the boy and the tree. First the boy was only little, and would play on the tree. Yet as he got older he stopped playing on the tree. This is just…

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