Trench warfare

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  • Trench Warfare

    disease, and death are a crucial aspect of World War One. Trench Warfare and ships seemed to be the most impacted. Trench warfare is a form of combat in which opposing sides fight a few hundred yards away in trenches that face each other. Soldier’s living conditions in the trench were insufferable. Ships involved in the Great War were overcrowded and meals become intolerable for the soldiers. Diseases and medicine were an everyday situation for soldiers. There were multiple diseases that…

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  • Causes Of Trench Warfare

    Trench warfare was a war tactic used in World War I that helped military men defend themselves. It also was for their own protection, but of course there were still many fatalities. Was it a good war tactic? No, and here is why. It was designed to help make the war progress with greater speed but all it did was cause a stalemate. Trench warfare started on the Western Front on September 15th, 1914. The first trenches were first used in the First Battle of the Marne when both sides of troops…

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  • Questions On Trench Warfare

    1. What were the trenches? Why was the system of the trench employed? Trench warfare is said to have begun in September 1914 but the idea of the trench warfare did not begin then, trenches had been used in the U.S civil war, and the Russian-Japanese war. The trenches were the front lines, the most dangerous places to be. Behind the front lines was a mass supply of many things like training establishment’s stores, workshops, Head-quarters and many other elements that would be needed in a 1918…

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  • The Dangers Of Trench Warfare

    These past couple of months have been rough lately out here in the war, it is not as easy as I thought it would be out here. In fact, trench warfare is terrible, the conditions here are deadly, you can die without someone else killing you. I’m at the point where I am so scared and just want to be back home because of the constant fear. I can never sleep at night either, every time I do the constant heavy fire of enemy attacks wake me up from my sleep then I have to be hiding in fear that an…

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  • Life In Trench Warfare

    Imagine living in a hole day after day having death lingering over your head. Trench warfare was exactly that. Trench warfare is a method used by many countries during WWI, It was used to combat the advanced weapons used during the war. Trench warfare was effective for being able to protect soldiers from heavy fire. Yet instead of soldiers dying to heavy fire they died from living in these trenches. Trenches were among the worst places to be in during WWI because of the many health illnesses,…

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  • The Importance Of Trench Warfare

    Trenches ensure protection from the opposite faction, while also “wearing down or destroying” the enemy (Trench Warfare, International Military and Defense Encyclopedia). The Battle of the Marne, which took place September 6-10 1914, “brought an end to the war of movement on the Western Front” and “changed the nature of the war from something that Germany’s military planners had hoped to predict and plan in detail to something unpredictable and previously unknown” (Mombauer). The significance of…

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  • History Of Trench Warfare

    war. Trench warfare is a concept of war. It is a way of having an offensive and defensive tactic combined into one. Trenches were not first used during world war one but they have been used throughout the history of war. The way trench warfare was used and expanded during world war one by the allies, is a concept that was developed and improved upon throughout many years of the war. Trenches are a series of dug out holes. More specifically trenches are foxholes that have been dug out deep…

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  • The Negative Nature Of Trench Warfare

    Throughout the war, the conditions in the trenches contributed heavily to the negative nature of trench warfare. Source 3.2 outlines just one of these aspects of the conditions in the trenches, mud. Written by Sergeant P Boyd of the allied forces, the source expresses how the mud consumed the soldiers in every aspect of their life, and that it was inescapable. The primary source quotes “I have known those who can face enemy barrage without flinching, who still shiver at the memory of their…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trench Warfare

    Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, setting stage for the First world war. A relatively new form of warfare, known as trench warfare, would arise and cause one of the most brutal stalemates in history. Trench warfare was an inefficient way to fight World War One. Even though it’s main purpose was to defend soldiers, it caused outrageous amounts of casualties due to stalemates and scarred the landscape forever. Trench warfare is a form of warfare where two sides fight each other from…

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  • Short Summary: Trench Warfare

    Trench Warfare WW1 was a brutal war between two sides; Germany, and Austria and the other side being France and Britain but other countries such as Australia and Canada soon joined the fight. Starting in 1914 and finishing in 1918 the First World War was long and unforgiving. This war was the first to employ the use of modern weapons and technologies such as gas, trenches and guns. These new technologies also lead to a new type of warfare. Trench warfare is a form of land warfare using occupied…

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