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  • Mass Casualty Triage Analysis

    Triage alludes to the assessment and classification of the wiped out or injured when there are lacking assets for restorative consideration of everybody immediately. Verifiably, triage is accepted to have emerged from frameworks created for classification and transport of injured troopers on the front line. Triage is utilized as a part of various circumstances in present day medication (The Basics of Mass Casualty Triage, 1). In mass setback circumstances, triage is utilized to choose who is most desperately needing transportation to a healing facility for consideration (by and large, the individuals who have a possibility of survival yet who might pass on without quick treatment) and whose wounds are less extreme and must sit tight for restorative…

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  • Medication Order Entry Summary

    “When designing screens in an information system application, the data elements on the screen should have a logical flow and design. The screen should follow the traditions left to right and top to bottom formatting. The screens should be designed with the needs of the user in mind, providing instructions to the user where needed to facilitate data quality and data collection. There should also be consistency throughout all of the screens with regards to terms uses, abbreviation, and overall…

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  • SHRB ED Data Analysis

    When comparing the Premier data of hospitals utilizing a 5-level triage system, the percentage of patients triaged at a level 3 acuity is 38% compared to 65% at SHRB ED. Moreover, the percentage of admits according to the Premier average is 18.2% in comparison with 23% at SHRB ED (Premier, 2014, p. 1-29). The data clearly illustrates that SHRB ED has a higher percentage of ambulances, admits, and acuity than the national benchmarks. However, the length-of-stay and left without being seen data…

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  • Power Of Communication

    The Power of Communication Communication is key to the success of any organization. Communication needs to be clear and concise so that others can understand the intended message with minimal confusion (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Nurse leaders are responsible for using effective communication skills with clients, colleagues, superiors, and staff members (Marquis & Huston, 2015). I currently work as a triage nurse manager for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. My position is strictly telephonic,…

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  • Triage Research Paper

    Executive summary: Triage is integral to the delivery of modern emergency health care. This paper discusses the triage process concepts and if the process could be improved (ACEM 2013). Triage is a process that is critical to the effective management of modern emergency departments. Triage systems aim, not only to ensure clinical justice for the patient, but also to provide an effective tool for departmental organization, monitoring and evaluation (ACEM 2013). Table of…

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  • Triage Nurse: A Case Study

    As the triage nurse in the assessment and referral center (ARC), I work closely with our clinicians who perform intake assessments for individuals who are seeking assistance for mental health or substance abuse concerns. A fundamental part of my role as the triage nurse involves working closely with the clinicians to insure that individuals with medical complaints are seen promptly, patients going to the unit have their skin assessments, and that individuals with medical complaints beyond our…

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  • Triage Nurses: Strategies In Nursing Care

    of this, the following five methods should be done by healthcare facilities. 1.) Immediate deployment of 300 or more healthcare staffs per million in urban areas. At the same time, 125 patient care personnel should be assigned in rural areas. 2.) Treatment, triage and disposition of about 500 pediatric and adult patients per 1 million of population who are experiencing trauma or acute illness that requires hospitalization should be done. 3.) All members of the National Association of Public…

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  • Effects Of War And Death In Scott Anderson's Triage

    Scott Anderson’s novel, Triage, portrays the different effects that war and death can have on people. Mark, Joaquin, and Elena endure different experiences with war and death and are affected in different ways. Mark’s traumas originate from his time as a war photographer. His ability to capture war’s most grueling moments grants him the opportunity to shoot in many war-torn areas such as Beirut, Sri Lanka, Kurdistan, and Uganda. Mark’s first experience of war is in Beirut. He describes the…

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  • Hong Kong Accident And Emergency Triage Case Report

    The effectiveness of the current triage practice under the Hong Kong Accident and Emergency Triage Guidelines. Introduction The Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is one of the most busy department in most of the Hong Kong public hospital. In the A&E department, there are many patients attend to them daily so to be able to ensure that patient in a more serious problem can be able to get higher priority in the hospital, Hospital Authority (HA) utilizes the triage system to classify…

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  • Importance Of Triage, Prioritization, Delegation And Disaster Management In Emergency Nursing

    Importance of triage, prioritization, delegation and disaster management in emergency nursing. Triage known as sorting or classification and is a process determine of patients treatment priority based on the severity illness or their condition level on arrival at emergency department. Triage originates from French word “Tier”. It is a comparison or classification based on the health condition of patients to ensure optimum care and quality provided in Emergency Department. Triage term originated…

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