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  • The Consequences Of Incongruent Trial

    congruent trials in a basic flanker task is smaller when the current trial follows an incongruent trial. At the time of their study, there was a debate in the field concerning what drives this effect. A previous study by Botvinick, Nystrom, Fissell, Carter, and Cohen (1999) argued that this effect is driven by the activation of top-down adjustments in attention in response to conflict. However, a subsequent study by Mayr et al. (2003) tested the hypothesis that the observed conflict adaptation in Botvinick et al.’s (1999) study was due to the…

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  • Jury Trial Analysis

    use of peremptory strikes. Snyder then appealed his conviction and petitioned for a writ of certiorari, and upon review it was held by the Supreme Court that the prosecutor’s reasons for striking prospective black jurors were pretext for racial discrimination which resulted in a reverse. Along with the right to counsel, the defendant also has the right to a public trial, which includes every stage of the trial. The stages of a jury trial follow strict rules, which follows in the order of opening…

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  • The Outsider And The Trial Analysis

    entire community. Likewise, Franz Kafka’s The Trial also juxtaposes the agency of the individual with the strength of the justice system, and displays how the trial suppresses K.’s psychological freedom and agency. As both novels demonstrate how the law subordinates the individual to the community, justice therefore appeases the public rather than vindicates or punishes the offender. As a result, the execution of justice in both novels becomes highly theatrical, as the novels measure justice…

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  • Jury Trial Pros And Cons

    However, there are numerous ways in which a trial can be dismissed and considered a mistrial for certain occurrences that could unfairly skew the outcome of a case. This can commonly happen as a result of bias from a juror that has been selected. Jurors have a profound amount of responsibility in determining whether or not the defendant is guilty or innocent and in some cases can literally mean life or death. Because of this extreme influence they have, the jury selection process is crucial for…

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  • Trial Consultants Case Study

    Griffith et al. (2007), the most controversial issue regarding trial consultants is the fairness. The consultants can significantly influence the opinions, or even the selection of jurors, which could affect the impartiality of the jury and the administration of justice, which in turn may cause the public to acquire a negative view towards trial consultants. Furthermore Griffith et al. (2007) argue that since there are no specific qualifications or educational requirements for becoming a trial…

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  • History Of The Thomas Jennings Trial

    was accused of murdering Clarence Hiller in Chicago, Illinois in 1910, when his fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime. The Thomas Jennings Trial was an important trial because it changed what evidence can be used it court, by challenging and redefining American values such as what is used to convict criminals, fingerprints being allowed in court, and how minority are treated. On the night of September 19, 1910, Thomas Jennings broke into three houses in Chicago, Illinois. The last…

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  • Existentialism In Franz Kafka's The Trial

    Franz Kafka’s the trial is cryptically symbolic piece of existentialist writing. More so than that, the one constant overarching theme that keeps coming up in every review I’ve read is the word parable used over and over again. Despite the general themes of The Trial there are a series of key microcosm issues that come up in almost every chapter. These issue depending on the interpretation of these smaller issues could change the general analysis of the entire book. In my opinion. Nevertheless,…

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  • Three Reasons In The Trial Of Socrates's Trial

    There was some issues brought against Socrates at his trial some of them included: not recognizing the gods of Athens, introducing new gods, and corrupting the youth. In the actual trial of Socrates he was found guilty but if I was an Athenian jury back then I would have voted not guilty for three reasons: the gods that he was speaking to the youth about were the children of Athens gods, the youth in Athens weren’t being forced to listen to Socrates, and he wasn’t being paid to teach people…

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  • The Monkey Trial

    politics of this time. Bryan used his political power in the south to create anti evolution bills. In 1925 the Tennessee legislature passed a bill outlawing the teaching of evolution in public schools and colleges. This bill created even more tension between liberal-minded urbanites and the traditional fundamentalists. In Dayton Tennessee, a teacher names John T. Scopes was found teaching evolution and was took to court for it. The publicity was worldwide, everyone knew about the “monkey” Trial.…

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  • The Devil's Trials And The Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials In 1692 in Salem Village, Massachusetts, many of the young girls and women were complaining of being possessed by the devil due to witchcraft. However, none of the villagers were certain of who was doing the witchcraft. The girls accused many other women and some men in the village out of revenge or pure hatred. “Thousands of suspected witches were hanged or burned in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and belief in witches was common in the American…

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