Trial of Socrates

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  • The Trial Of Socrates

    In Plato’s apology he lays out all of the charges that Socrates faced. These charges included corrupting the children of Athens, impiety to the Gods and Goddesses of the City. Socrates also faced the charge of teaching things and not taking a fee unlike that sophists and teaching students about things above in the sky and below the earth. These things were considered socially and morally wrong in the city of Athens at the time. Because of this the city placed Socrates’ on trial for his life. Since Athens was a democracy during the period it was custom that those placed on trial would face a trial of their peers. Much like our modern criminal court system, there was a prosecutor who brought up the charges, a defendant, and a jury of five hundred and one in which you needed thirty over half to acquit the defendant. This did not happen in the case of Socrates even though the verdict was extremely close, Socrates lost by only the thirty…

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  • The Trial And Death Of Socrates

    Plato’s work, The Trial and Death of Socrates has been and still remains a compelling piece of writing in Western Philosophy. In The Crito, the laws are the main focal point in all of Socrates arguments against leaving the city of Athens. He outlines the beliefs that he lives by and because of those beliefs chooses to not go against them, lest he risk tarnishing his psyche and reputation. Even when the Socrates does not speak for the laws, it is evident from the dialog that upholding the laws of…

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  • The Trials And Death Of Socrates Analysis

    In Plato’s, The Trials and Death of Socrates, Socrates is the ultimate cause of his own death because of not conforming to the democracy of the Athenians and corrupting the young. Socrates was a wise philosopher of his time and was in search of the truth, rather than believing in the Athenians Gods. Nevertheless, it was more than just a simple search for Socrates. His search for the truth turned into a complex journey to where the answer of true wisdom leads Socrates to be brought up on charges…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates In The Apology By Plato

    Set during the socratic age of philosophy, The Apology by Plato chronicles the trial of Socrates on the charges of corruption of youth and not believing in the Gods. Plato, a young follower and apprentice of Socrates, documents the trial in its’ entirety from beginning to the unfortunate end in which Socrates is sentenced to death. The Apology is the trial of Socrates on a very basic and literal level but upon further inspection, one comes to realize that not only the philosopher is on trial but…

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  • Comparing Socrates And Euthyphro's Trial

    with Socrates’ defense to the Athenian Court during his trial. He claims to the Athenian Court that he was on a mission from the Oracle of Delphi and Apollo. The problem that came to be with his defense was, he recently criticized Euthyphro for claiming that being part of his father’s execution was the will of the gods. There is a seeming hypocrisy for Socrates to claim divine motivation in his defense but say it is not plausible when Euthyphro uses divine inspiration in his defense. Socrates…

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  • Socrates Trial Case Study

    Carl: Sam, would you say that Socrates' trial was not fair because he was not guilty of the sentenced crimes? Sam: Well it was an extreme denunciation for such petty accusations. Carl: Since we agree that Socrates was wronged, I think Socrates was stoically accepting unjust Laws. He didn’t try to convince the jury of his innocence. Do you think Socrates did right by staying and facing death, or should he have escaped? Sam: I think that Socrates believed that he was doing the right thing by…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates Summary

    The trial of Socrates takes place in the year 399 That trial follows very quickly upon the famous Peloponnesian war. The war that took place between the two great powers of the Greek world between the Spartans and Athens. The Athens that fought this war was at its height of the political power and prestige but lost the 30-year war to Sparta. Sparta initiated the 30 tyrants to rule the city. The next year the 30 tyrants were driven out and a democratic society was once again established. Three…

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  • Plato's Criticism Of Socrates On Trial

    In 399 B.C Socrates, a Greek Philosopher, had been sentenced to death after being found guilty to heresy and corrupting the minds of the young. This trial heavily depended on the unpopularity of Socrates, due to him having wounded the pride of many prominent men in Athens. Plato’s writings of Socrates on Trial displays Socrates’ criticism during his trial of both Athenian society and democracy by highlighting the biases of the people, and the flaws in the democracy of the time. Socrates was a…

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  • The Trial And Death Of Socrates Analysis

    The Trial and Death of Socrates, translated by Benjamin Jowett, is a series of dialogues written by Plato that tell of the court hearing, indictments, and fate of one of the most renowned philosophers: Socrates. Although he is now recognized and praised as the founding figure of Western philosophy and an intellectual genius, he was tried and condemned to death for his practices. Socrates was best known for his unkempt appearance, moral integrity, probing questions, frugal lifestyle, and his use…

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  • The Trial And Death Of Socrates Essay

    Socrates the Philosopher Long ago in Athens, Greece lived a man named Socrates. Socrates wasn’t just an average man though, he was very different compared to everyone else in Athens. Although while he was living many didn’t respect his ideas, after his death he later will be known as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Since Socrates never wrote anything, there is no actual written evidence from him of his beliefs, thoughts of life and his trial, but there are pieces written by…

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