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  • Difference Between Statutory And Voluntary Agencies

    A statutory agency is a public service group who are fully funded by the government whereas a voluntary is predominantly funded by a charity although they may still get a small amount from the government for their rent. Their jobs and their equipment are paid for by donations. Most people would probably think that the two different groups don’t work together they do when an emergency is happening. An example of 2 groups that work together are the ambulance service (statutory) and the St Johns ambulance (voluntary). With the Paramedics losing workers and becoming over stretched the St johns have stepped into help, with them attending public events as first aiders and supporting them at emergencies if needed. These groups are both helped by the British red cross especially if there is a flood etc. (St…

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  • A Career For A Nurse

    I work on the ambulance, I feel a sense of peace knowing that I go every day at work, and when those tones drop, I know in my heart that I’m going to be making a difference in someone’s life. When I am in the emergency department, I feel the same kind of satisfaction, but on a deeper level. When I was in the emergency department I got to see a huge variety of patients. I loved when I was working on the ambulance, I never knew what that next call was going to be, it’s the same way in the ER, you…

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  • Primary Care Observation

    I am currently employed as a Primary Care Paramedic by BC Ambulance service. I 'm writing anonymously with the aid of my coworkers to discuss concerns about working conditions as a part-time employee. There have been some interest in the public recently* regarding response times of ambulance paramedics to 911 calls, including some on the mainland which resulted in death*. In both of these circumstances, paramedics were blamed for not responding promptly. As a result, we are now being very…

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  • Dd In Paramedics

    impact on one’s ability to make quick, logical decisions and deal with highly emotional events (3, 4). Consequently, when affected by anxiety, a paramedics ability to perform their job to the highest standard is impaired (4). A study revealed that approximately 22% of paramedics were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in 2014 (4). Furthermore, through the questionnaire method, 23 out of 24 paramedics in NSW reported that they were experiencing or had experienced moderate to high levels of…

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  • Carter Racing Creative Writing

    the worst had happened I ran over to my parents, tears in my eyes. Carter had stopped moving when paramedics got to him. “Everyone back away,” they announced rather calm voice. The paramedics then proceeded to remove Carter’s helmet, revealing that just his helmet had twisted around rather than his head breaking apart from his spinal chord, but the danger was still very apparent. Carter had still not yet woken up from what may have been a fatal crash. One paramedic used many medical devices to…

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  • Essay On Paramedics

    Over the course of the 90’s paramedicine slowly transitioned to a university course in response to the expanding role. Ambulance services have evolved from providing a simple mode of emergency transport to a provider of definitive care; to currently being a technical field of health providing pre-hospital assessment, diagnoses and treatment. Changes in the roles and skills performed by paramedics have resulted in the development of paramedicine becoming its own entity, with its own separate body…

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  • First Responder Analysis

    There are many concerns for a first responder when responding to an international terrorist event on US soil. Due to the vast amount of different types of terrorist attacks that could possibly occur on US soil it is hard to say for certain all the risks that a responder may encounter. These attacks may range from an explosive device in a single structure to the release of a chemical weapon on a city. However, there are some general risks that first responders may encounter in most cases.…

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  • Los Angeles Fire Department Research Paper

    century the Department began to fully expand its operations such as improved membership benefits, use of motorized apparatus, creation of the Mountain Patrol, and the implementation of the Emergency Medical Service System. In 1915, the Department changed over to a two-platoon system, requiring members to work a 12-hour day or 12-hour night shift for a total of 72 hours per week. Until then, members worked full-time with one day off per month and an occasional day or night off without pay.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Importance Of Community Service

    As the red and blue emergency lights emanated from our ambulance during a cold January night, I began to think about the possible medical emergencies (chest pain) that I might encounter upon our arrival. Whether it was an asthma exacerbation, aortic dissection, or costochondritis, I needed to think and prepare for every possibility. However, my thoughts were soon interrupted by my partner, who turned off the sirens and picked up the radio. “Dispatch, this is Rescue three. On scene.” “Copy,…

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  • Importance Of Ambulances

    Ambulances are imperative to save a life of human being. It is intrinsic entail of our society. These vehicles play a dominant role to rescue injured and ill peoples and to dispense them a transportation facility so that they can reach safely, efficiently and inescapably in time in the hospital. One of the most malignant and hazardous factors is that our people of society are benighted about the main objective of ambulances. When a human being is injured, it has many traffic hurdles to reach…

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