Ambulatory care

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ambulatory Care Centers

    offers fast, affordable treatment to those conditions that is easy to diagnose. However, the scope of practice for this service is much narrower than the urgent care centers. Sultz, H., Young, K., (2009). Ambulatory surgery centers, the ambulatory Service Centers association reported that Ambulatory service centers are a great example of successful change in the health care delivery system. Historically having surgical procedures in a hospital setting have many disadvantages for the patients, including long wait for an available appointment, days spent in the hospital during recovery, in addition to the…

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  • Ambulatory Care Analysis

    Medical treatment provided on an outpatient basis is terms ambulatory care service. Compared to hospitals, these clinics are usually much more convenient to use and less expensive than an inpatient hospitalization. The main feature of ambulatory services is that, patients do not stay overnight in these facilities. Ambulatory care is emerging to be the fastest growing segment of the health care market. There are many types and these included; Physician services, hospital outpatient, emergency…

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  • Outpatient Vs Ambulatory Care

    Ambulatory and inpatient settings both provide therapeutic and diagnostic care to patients with a distinct difference in the level and scope of care. Ambulatory care and outpatient care are interchangeable terms. Ambulatory (outpatient) care; this term refers to care either therapeutic or diagnostic in a one day setting. Ambulatory care does not require overnight stay in a hospital. Ambulatory care can be given in a medical facility other than a hospital. “Ambulatory care consists of diagnostic…

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  • Research Paper On Ambulatory Care

    Ambulatory Medical Coding Ambulatory care involves a myriad of medical treatments and unique considerations. Outpatient care may be provided through many avenues including, but not limited to, diagnosis, injury, treatment, rehabilitation services, acute medical care, and surgical processes. Ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) are dedicated outpatient surgical settings, and as such, are reimbursed according to specific regulations and industry standards that fall under Medicare, Medicaid, and…

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  • Thermodynamic Approach In Ambulatory Care

    widely adopted approach to improve the care of chronic illnesses in an ambulatory care setting.2 In this model, improved outcomes are achieved when patients are informed, motivated, practice balanced and are prepared and proactive, patient care is patient-centric and collaborative, and community and other resources are appropriately assessed. The clinician should apply the three Core Principles that serve as pillars to this framework and discuss these in detail with their patients. These…

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  • Ambulatory Patient Care

    numerous types of locations in the United States where individuals can seek care. Locations of care depends on the needs of the patient, which could be either be long term care or short term care. There are four different types of hospitals. According to Goldsteen and Goldsteen (2013), “hospitals are classified as general, special, rehabilitation, and chronic disease, and psychiatry” (pg.37). The primary function of a general hospital is providing patients with services to treat a variety of…

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  • Community Pharmacist Research Paper

    The career of pharmacy has interested me ever since I was a little girl and this has been one of my passions ever since. Some of the different pharmacy careers that really stood out and interested me are community pharmacy, pharmacy opportunities in rural communities, ambulatory care clinics, and medication therapy management programs. A community pharmacy is a healthcare facility that focuses on providing services to a single specific community within an area. A community pharmacist is…

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  • Case Study: Coastal Surgical Institute

    Coastal Surgical Institute is an organization built upon the symbolic frame, as indicated in the “About CSI” section on the website: “Coastal Surgical Institute was created by local physicians who desired surgery center where their patients would receive the type of care they would want for their own families. They hand selected staff, designed a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere and launched what is now regarded as a premier ambulatory surgery center on the Central Coast.” The vision that…

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  • Pharmacist Experience

    events that helped to cement my interest in the pharmacy field was from my experiences of taking care of my grandmother. Being a diabetic and a survivor of breast cancer, my grandmother had difficulties managing her vast amounts of medications. Her health had begun to decline and our family became worried as what to do.We followed the recommendation of a doctor to take her to a pharmacist to reevaluate her medications. It was during that trip that I initially learned how much a pharmacist could…

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  • Efficient Coding And Billing System: A Case Study

    control and might take long time to be collected and often get written off and therefore decrease the cash flow. Efficient coding and billing system can positively impact revenues, on the other hand claims submitted to the payer late or missing the payer’s requirements or absence of claim, negatively impact the cash flow. Challenges with patients paying their deducible and copays along with complex insurance claims filling, influence the practice’s revenue. In a surge to lower costs of…

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