Importance Of Ambulances

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Ambulances are imperative to save a life of human being. It is intrinsic entail of our society. These vehicles play a dominant role to rescue injured and ill peoples and to dispense them a transportation facility so that they can reach safely, efficiently and inescapably in time in the hospital. One of the most malignant and hazardous factors is that our people of society are benighted about the main objective of ambulances. When a human being is injured, it has many traffic hurdles to reach timely and safely in Hospital. We should take notable steps to facilitate ambulances so that they reach timely and safely in the hospital. We never disregard, Maybe our devoted person will be in there.
The ambulance is a vehicle with momentous siren. These
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The average estimated signal time on every signal is 2 minutes and all the area of the road near the signal is covered by heavy traffic, so the ambulance in unable to cross the road at the start of the signal. Traffic police should instigate a new rule to solve this problem. The rule is that no motorists and other traffic will stand in the leftmost lane, near the 500 meters of a signal. When there is no traffic in the radius of a signal on the leftmost side then ambulance can easily cross signal and the time delay of ambulances at signals is zero. Traffic police should hang a sign board of this rule on all signals so the new persons of this city may also follow this rule. The violence of this rule may also include the plenty of heavily fine and cancellation of driving …show more content…
When he receive alert signal of Ambulance then before the time he will try to keep the lane free for the crossing of an ambulance with zero time. The cooperation of public is necessary to keep the lane free.
One of the biggest problems for which our responsibly matters is that the parking on road is seriously dreadful not for only parked persons but also others. Careless parking on roads can prove havoc because it provides resistance for emergency vehicles such as Ambulances. There should be a proper parking stand for vehicles. On an individual level, it is our responsibility to keep the track record of vehicles parked on roads. In this regard public awareness in mandatory so that we can solve the vehicle parking issue on roads. Awareness can be spread by sign boards, news and other resources of mass

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