Treynor ratio

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  • The Importance Of Risk Golerance

    covariance values became to the long term treasury fund. This is because treasury rates fall during recessions due to higher demand for safer investments. Additionally, another concept to bear in mind as an investor is the measurement of risk-adjusted return. These returns are typically lower than one’s normal return, however, the trade off is that risk is significantly lowered as well. The Sharpe ratio is one measure of risk-adjusted return that measures the risk premium or excess return over the standard deviation. One mutual fund may have a higher return than another fund, but that second fund may have a higher risk-adjusted return than the first. The Treynor ratio is the second measure of risk-adjusted return which uses the same method as the Sharpe ratio, but instead of using standard deviation, it uses beta. Using our excel data, we were able to calculate the Sharpe and Treynor ratios for each fund during the dotcom bubble and its end. This sample size helps us pinpoint the differences between the two ratios. For instance, fund ADGAX has significantly lower Treynor ratios than Sharpe ratios during this time frame. This is because the fund’s beta values were significantly higher during the bubble. Dividing by a higher number will produce a smaller number, thus a smaller risk-adjusted return. The standard deviations were not as offset as the betas for this fund. All things considered, the behavior of the market shows plenty, but at the same time it can reveal very…

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  • Ev71 Essay

    Genogroup B in the late 1990s found to have sudden increases of genetic diversity which correspond to the time when the major HFMD outbreaks were happened in Asia. The observed dynamics of the plot are mostly corresponded with the recorded global surveillance data of EV71 cases over the past 4 decades. Similar results were obtained when using the VP1 gene from genogroup C. This implies that the elevation in genetic diversity is correlated with EV71 epidemics. Natural selection and adaptation in…

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  • Theory Of Span Of Control

    report to one manager. This also can be a ratio by dividing the organizational total number of non-managers by the total number of managers. For example, a unit…

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  • Hospital Staffing

    staff to patient ratios, or allow the hospital to make decisions about staffing levels, even if it means fewer staff working longer hours? This is a question that affects millions of hospitals and also effects protocols in hospitals all over the world. I rarely visit the hospital, but if I go to the hospital and it’s a very serious case will I be treated quickly enough? Registered nurses have long recognized and continue to point out that staffing issues are an ongoing problem. It…

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  • Independent Variables In High School

    another field of study. You will observe other classes of other majors and you will take notes on certain things that caught your interest and that can influence you in working toward a different career that is not related to your major. After years in years college, you might be in a career that you will never expect in being. Most students who studied to be a lawyer would probably change into a teacher in the long run. In this research you can view it in two different proposal ways, either way…

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  • Classroom Interview Paper

    Examples of demographics include; your location, education level, gender, and age. Michael grew up in a populous city in the tidewater region of Virginia. His classes were predominantly African American’s and Caucasians. Interestingly enough, there was a similar mix of individuals that lived in the suburbs compared to individuals living in low-income housing. The ratio of men to women in his classes was very similar. I believe that the ratio of men to women in classes is not a definitive…

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  • What Is Google's Earning Per Share Ratio?

    Earning per share ratio is one of the profitability ratios computed by the net income less preferred dividends and divided the weighted average common shares outstanding. In 2015, Google’s earning per share ratio is $22.84. This indicates that if Google distributed every dollar of income to its shareholders, each shareholder would receive $22.84. In addition, Google’s earning per share ratios also increase from $20.57 in 2014 to $22.84 in 2015. These ratios in recent years are high, which means…

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  • Baltimore-Washington Conference Analysis

    weekly attendance group has fewer than 5,700 attendees. Furthermore, the red bar and blue bar combined represents the total membership per size category. For example, there are almost 7,000 total weekly attendees and almost 8,600 members attributed to all churches that fall within Group 400+. The largest section of membership is captured in churches between 50-124 weekly attendees with 30% of the conference’s total membership. Additionally, Baltimore-Washington churches below 35 weekly attendees…

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  • Aborted Girls, Wanted Brides: Article Analysis

    Aborted Girls, Wanted Brides Cultural preference for boys in parts of India results in some of the largest imbalances between males and females in the world. This leads to sex-selective abortions and infanticide of girls, while boys are prized because they are believed to mature as leaders of the world and household, as they pass on the family name and traditions. This perpetuates the ongoing role of patriarchy and the customary belief that men are superior and dominant to their female…

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  • Corpus Analysis In Corpus Linguistics

    Resumptive (to resume, to get back to the point, as I was saying) Summative (In short, to sum up, in conclusion, briefly) Verifactive (actually, as a matter of fact, indeed, in fact) Thirteen articles written in English by Kurdish, non- native writers formed the corpus. The total word count in the corpus was about 690,000 words. The articles had a similarity in that they were descriptive academic research reports. A quantitative analysis of select conjunctions was done. That is, the total or…

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