Aborted Girls, Wanted Brides: Article Analysis

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Aborted Girls, Wanted Brides
Cultural preference for boys in parts of India results in some of the largest imbalances between males and females in the world. This leads to sex-selective abortions and infanticide of girls, while boys are prized because they are believed to mature as leaders of the world and household, as they pass on the family name and traditions. This perpetuates the ongoing role of patriarchy and the customary belief that men are superior and dominant to their female counterparts. However, when families decide to follow the trend of selectively only having sons, there are scarcely any women to be wedded. Although bearing daughters is not desired, women are crucial and necessary for continuing the family lineage. This uneven ratio of male to female creates a demand for brides that human traffickers are willing to meet. The summation of male superiority coupled with human trafficking
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This shows that people can be unaware of their actions and that they are the direct cause of the problem and that they are not progressing forward, rather receding in gender equality.

Human trafficking caters to demand for brides. (2014, Sep 04). Mint Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1559200793?accountid=14749
States are trying to ensure that search for brides are not through human trafficking and that the government will protect the rights of women and children. This article also states that it is harder for men to find brides because women have become more educated, as men do not want to marry someone that is more accomplished.
Men still have a very strong patriarchal mindset, as they want to be the dominant and leading figure in the household. Thus, they will not want to marry someone who will make them look

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