The Effects Of Human Trafficking In Patricia Mccormick's Sold

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n Patricia McCormick’s novel Sold, human trafficking is displayed all throughout the novel. Human trafficking is a big problem that occurs all throughout the world. Women and children are taken into trafficking unwillingly, being promised one thing and getting another. The trafficking world is very dangerous for women to be in. There are high risks of diseases and threats. Protection for these women is very limited (McCormick). The women and children in human trafficking are forced to perform sexual favors to men they do not know unwillingly. The women are often lied to. Their owners tell these women lies about their debt and how long that they belong to them. The women are bought for sexual favor for a certain price and only receive less than half of what they actually made. Women are brought into trafficking and are told that they owe someone money for not doing anything at all. (McCormick). The women and children that are forced to participate in human trafficking often suffer from both mental disorder and health issues later in life.
People in human trafficking have a profoundly high risk of attracting infection due to the
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“During the trafficking period, more than 80% of participants had been subjected to sexual violence, threats of harm to themselves, and persistently restricted freedom” (Hassan et al). Majority of the women who were trafficked faced sexual violence and in order to be free they had to accept this violence. They had no freedom and were not allowed to return home. Being restricted from returning home, they are trafficked unwillingly (McCormick). If the women do try to leave, they are threatened and forced to stay (McCormick). Women who do leave get caught are abused severely. The effects that these conditions have on the women are severe. The women often suffer from depression. While being and prior to being trafficked women faced physical and sexual

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