Independent Variables In High School

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The income you earn or what your parents can be known as the independent variable since you can change how much money you can earn depending on where you work. While the dependent variable would be going to the institution because you will get the chance to be in the school that you want to, but it depends on your SAT’s, grades, and other activities you have done in your high school year. Another independent variable is the major because depending on the classes you take, it can determine the major that you ultimately choose. While gender can be the dependent variable because at times some schools will look if they need more woman than man to attend their institution, so gender can play a role a minor role in applying to different colleges. …show more content…
Lastly, another negative correlation can be the better grades and enjoyment you received from another class outside of your major, can lead you in working in a career that may not be within your major.

One example of having a necessary cause or a sufficient cause is one necessary cause can be the more internships and other work you do within your major, you will obtain a job within your major after graduating. Yet if you do not find anything similar to your, but work in other fields then you will work in a different field of study aside from your major study. the more studies you do outside of your major and the more you do not take your major classes as serious than the more likely that you will be working in a different line of career. The logical model for this proposal is both induction and deduction, it’s induction because it is more figuring out what do you want to do while in college. Even though you have a major and you are doing attending your classes, you might be working an outside job that is outside your field. You will tend to ask questions on why you are interested in doing a different job that is not related to your major, you might even find a job faster outside your major than within your major. Not every student has a clear grasp on the line of job

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