Finance Major Reflection

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Reflection Paper This semester I learned about several resources and information about me that has helped me choose my major and that will benefit me in the future. My interest in technology has allowed me to consider taking classes in computer science and MIS. My interest in creating Excel documents has allowed me to organize my school work and spending habits, which allows me to spend more time focusing on other things. These interests are important to me because they help make my life easier. Technology is also a part of the future that will continue to evolve in the hopes of making life easier for people all around the world.
I also learned that my communication, leadership, and organizational skills will play a major role in my success
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I was also able to decipher which majors I would best fit my skills and personality. This led me to narrow down my choice of majors to accounting and finance. I choose finance because it provides me with the ability to use my skills in analysis and technology. Some of the careers associated with the finance major also allow me to travel, which is also something I am interested in. Since I am not interested in being at a job where I perform the same tasks every day, accounting was not the right major for me. The tracks that are available to finance majors also provide me with several options including corporate finance and energy finance. The finance major also allows me to utilize my love for math, while also embracing my need to be challenged. Even though some of the career paths between finance and accounting overlap, finance provides me with more of a variety of jobs to choose from, particularly jobs that do not involve auditing, which is not one of my …show more content…
However, after researching the media industry and marketing major for my company research, I have realized that I also have an interest in marketing. This has opened up my eyes and made me consider a minor in marketing. Researching a company associated with different types of media and seeing how much it impacts the world has sparked my interest in understanding how companies advertise and market their products.
Although I have declared my major, I still have to figure out what I would like to minor in or get a certificate in. This is almost as important as my major because it will allow me to utilize some of my other interests and skills. I also hope that by selecting an additional area of study, I will learn some new skills and develop new interests. An additional minor or certificate would also expand the number of jobs I qualify for, which would provide me with more opportunities to find a job that I will truly

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