Essay On Why People Attend College

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In today’s society, many students attend college for a variety of reasons. Some attend because they are passionate about something that interests them and have the desire to extend their education. On the other hand, some students also attend college because they are told to by their parents or relatives. This is a much extended topic due to many different opinions. I do not necessarily believe students who do not want to attend college should attend. If people do not have the willingness to attend school they most likely will not be successful. It can lead them to fail the course and lose the money. However, some students who are told to attend college have the willingness to study hard and take advantage of the opportunity for a better future. Attending college gives students a better chance at doing …show more content…
For me it is all about opportunities and becoming the best. College gives me that opportunity to acquire the knowledge and to prepare myself for my future. Nevertheless, by attending college I want to be able to work less hard and still be getting paid more than if I was to work without a degree. Last but not least, my parents came to America to seek for a better opportunity for me. They came to seek for opportunities that their country did not offer. Achieving my goals will surely make them very proud of me and that is the main reason why I am attending college. My goals are simply to study hard in college and after earning my degree to get paid a good salary as well. I want my parents to witness that I have succeeded because of them by motivating me to do my best in school. These are the main reasons I chose to attend college. In this world everything is possible even if you do not attend college, but you have to be very talented and be very good at it because competition is very hard without education. I want to succeed in life and be the best at what one day I hope I

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