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  • Corpus Analysis In Corpus Linguistics

    Corpus Analysis In corpus linguistics, the recurrence of patterns of small fragments like phrases and words in sentences is analyzed using strategies that do not necessarily focus on the contextual meaning of the analyzed texts. In this case, the corpus consisted of written text data from thirteen files. The corpus was named Kurdish non native speakers corpus. Analysis for the use of Conjunctions The following three corpuses were used in the analysis of conjunction usage among Kurdish non native speakers. • BNC- British National Corpus This corpus consists of a hundred million words from both written text and spoken words sources. The corpus is monolingual since it focuses on British English excerpts from the latter dates of the twentieth century.…

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  • L2 V. L1 Use Of Synonymy An Empirical Study Of Synonym Acquisition Summary

    ARTICLE REVIEWED Applied Linguistics 2016: 37/2: 239–261 Oxford University Press 2014 doi:10.1093/applin/amu022 Advance Access published on 23 June 2014 “L2 vs. L1 Use of Synonymy: An Empirical Study of Synonym Use/Acquisition” Dilin Liu1, and Shouman Zhong2 The article,” L2 vs. L1 Use of Synonymy: An Empirical Study of Synonym Use/Acquisition” by Dilin Liu and Shouman Zhong seeks to examine the use of four sets of synonyms by Chinese second language learners and native speakers of English…

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  • Rhetorical Questions

    The paper focuses on different experiments to identify RQs in social media scenarios like debate forums and twitter corpus and further identifying sarcastic and other RQs. Traditional models like Google Word2Vec and novel models like SVM and LSTM are used to study the contextual and linguistic dependencies and improve the classification results. The authors stress on the qualitative analysis of the results and try to explore the contextual dependency by adding various features to the training…

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  • Qualitative Analysis In English

    Given Korean does not exhibit overt definite and indefinite article forms (“the” and “a” / “an” respectively) in its syntactic and semantic properties, mastering English definite and indefinite article usage in ESL acquisition for non-native Korean speakers (NNS) is a challenging task. This topic of article usage variability has received great attention from researchers since it is a salient linguistic feature in non-native speakers (NNS) English. The difficulty of English article production…

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  • Reflective Essay: A True Sense Of Belonging

    definitely celebrate a lot! The competition that I cherished the best, Occurred on October 15th, 2016 in Corpus Christi, but I endured test! The fact that we were going to spend three hours on a bus ride was considered wasted time, So I had to settle upon whether to go or to stay to finish work, which seemed like a crime! I wasn’t going to give up my chance since I made girls’ team 1, But I also needed to complete my homework or else I wouldn’t be allowed to have fun. So I determined up with…

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  • The Last Judgement Poem Analysis

    By analysing the language used in ‘The Last Judgement’ I will endeavour to explore the pageant’s intended effect on the audience, looking specifically at the significance of place and the pageant’s structure. The York Corpus Christi play is structured so that within one day the audience are told the story of Christianity from the creation of the world to judgement day, which, if viewed from an Aristotelian perspective, could be seen as having a tragic plot structure (a fall from good to bad).…

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  • Brain Observation Paper

    2 a. They generally suffer from severe epilepsy and to reduce the severity of the seizures, as a last resort, a surgical operation is performed to sever the corpus callosum either partially or completely. Because of this, the patient essentially has two different brains such that the two hemispheres are isolated preventing intercommunication as well as the spread of the seizure to another hemisphere. 2 b. Hence we can observe that language is predominantly lateralized to the left hemisphere.…

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  • How To Severe Epilepsy

    AIMS The following questions have to do with the study of patients who have undergone a surgery (for medical reasons, severe epilepsy being one) that severed the corpus callosum. This leaves the two halves of the brain to work independently from one another. The main questions this study seeks to answer are: how do the two halves of the brain interact with each other and how is this relationship altered after the subjects have undergone this surgery? METHODS Basically, subjects were asked…

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  • California Death Penalty Case Study

    California. California is currently home to the largest death row in the nation housing 743 inmates as of January 1, 2015 (Death Penalty Information). Sentencing an inmate with the death penalty is more expensive than its alternative of life without parole. Judge Arthur Alarcon assessed that more than $4 billion have been spent on implementing the death penalty from 1978 to 2013 (DPIC). Here is a following breakdown of the costs: $1.94 billion spent on pre-trial and trial costs, $925 million…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gitmo

    states the writ of Habeas Corpus, which requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention (1). The lower courts deemed no constitutional rights extended to the Guantanamo detainees because technically Guantanamo Bay is not an American territory, but rather, it is a Cuban territory with an agreed upon American jurisdiction, and therefore, the Constitution did not apply. Needless to say…

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