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  • College Admissions Essay: How Dance Influenced My Life

    like two seconds. Ending with strong energy, making sure to keep both my judges and competitors full attention on nothing but me. The overwhelming feeling with accomplishment overtakes my mind as I walk off the stage to where I am surrounded by love and support from family, friends and teammates to my seat where only time ticks down until the final results of my accomplishment is announced. Next up is a beautiful, brown haired girl with great talent who I call my competitor and team mate, being on the same team of Beaver High School Drill team and dance category; Contemporary. It’s not easy to compete against your team mate, in fact, it’s one of the hardest things that I have had to go through in my dancing career. It has built an uneven friendship that has had a huge effect on the whole team. Imagine two teenage girls who are very competitive in the sport of dancing, who have both been very successful as top winners in the previous years of competing with solos, and are now on the same dance team competing against each other. She finishes having done a great job and has me feeling nervous but still confident. “It is now time to begin the awards.” Announces an older lady who is dressed in a beautiful black dress standing next to the shiny trophies provided for placing of each division. I am now anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat as I await for my placing to be announced. “For 2A, in the first place we have Jessica Littlefield.” She announces. I am filled with a…

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  • Coiled Tubing Case Study

    The central advantage of CTD is its ability to drill underbalanced (closed wellbore) safely. Underbalance drilling results in extremely high rates of penetration not attainable in conventional rotary drilling providing a major reduction in overall rig time. Drilling underbalance also increases drilling bit performance and does not run the risk of inflicting formation damage during formation penetration (Kumar, 2011). Another great asset of CTD is the elimination of the repetitive process of…

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  • Essay Sample Resume: Mill Worker

    maintaining & diagnosing on/off road equipment which results in all jobs to be completed ahead of schedule and with zero interruptions  Effective team-player & problem-solver which is reflected through current role as a Millwright for the large construction services provider (for Oil Sand companies),…

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  • Reflective Essay: A True Sense Of Belonging

    A True Sense of Belonging Situated here remaining for my dad to pick me up from Brandeis High School, I reach the thought that I really infatuate the Physical Training (PT) Team and it is pretty cool. There are so many memories that we create, The environment of friendliness is what makes it so great. In fact, PT encounters other teams at all sorts of competitions, When I am allowed to compete, there are no hard decisions. I always compete when I obtain the chance, But I have to make girls’…

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  • Personal Narrative: My High School Drill Team

    When I think about dance teams, I don't necessarily think of the dancing concept but rather the friendships and the memories made. Most people feel most confident and accustomed to what they live with everyday, making life changing decisions very difficult to make. Me being one. I danced on a Competitive Dance Team called Dance Dynamics, and never expected to ever leave. I was brought up a question by my former dance teacher asking if I ever considering being on my High School Drill team.…

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  • High School Tennis Short Story

    High School Tennis Team The sun has just risen into the atmosphere where it creeps into the littlest openings of my worthless blinds. In my mind I feel a nuisance, a bothersome, due to the current deficiency of my restfulness. But I suppose that “everything in this life has a purpose” (Kübler-Ross). It was early on a Saturday morning; the weather was quite pleasant with the temperature ranging from the high sixties to the low seventies. I can feel the breeze coming from east carrying the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sharing Airbnb

    Embrace the idea of sharing-Airbnb How many of you own a power drill? Do you remember when the last time you used it? Maybe you cannot figure it out because what we need is the hole on the wall, not the drill. That’s why you came up with an idea to rent out your own drill to other people and make some money from it. Nowadays, the idea of ownership is rapidly changing. As society continues to advance, technology has spearheaded the transformation of the way we live, work, and play. In fact, we…

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  • Firm B Essay

    and not addressed it is counter-productive.” He listed some issues he has seen often: • When using a machine for precision welding the tanks are replaced automatically when it gets low but when it reaches that point it starts to sputter leaving a product with a poor weld which can be an issue down the line with weak bonds. • Like above when the heat is not consistent, the brittle material can easily shatter during manufacturing. The Lens of certain parts…

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  • Wilkinson Case Study

    became clogged with clay making the drilling ineffective. A decision was made by Mr. Deol to stop temporarily halt the drilling and to clean the bit, or what they call “stripping the pipe” by pulling up the pipes from within the hole. He estimated that the pipes they pulled up to the rigs platform were either 16 to 18 steel pipes, as he did not recall the actual number of pipes that were being pulled up when the “pulling equipment broke.” He said the rest of the pipes that were being pulled up…

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  • A Narrative Essay On How Football Changed My Life

    That night I saw an award that I wanted so much because it was the best defender award. So, I started to do drills and run on my own but that didn’t last long probably about a month, so that year for soccer didn’t work out as planned, but I still passed all the fitness test but I got to play one game with my cousin that what I liked most of that year and also getting closer with the upper classmen that were graduating that year. My junior year of soccer stood out to me because of all the…

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