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  • Personal Narrative-Down, But Not Out !

    “Down, But Not Out.” “There it is Privates!” Drill Sergeant Gonzales yelled. As we all rounded the narrow and winding road through the Ozark Mountains, my heart began to race. All 250 of us slowed down to form a formation in front of what appeared to be the biggest climb we had seen and were not expecting to see for the next few weeks. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Drill Sergeant Galloway said “This is Engineer Hill, and starting in two minutes you all have thirty minutes to make this two mile run, there and back! Those of you who fail will make it up on a later day.” Two miles? That was nothing to me…or so I thought. The whistle let out a loud screech, and we all took off running. We were running for only a few minutes but it felt like hours, and I thought it would never end until I heard a loud snap. It was a cold start to the new year, and being surrounded by all these new faces and doing pushup’s for not standing right, that was only the beginning of my journey at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I was scared just like every other Private in my company; leaving our families and going on to do greater things and serve our country was what most of us wanted. That was my dream, but also to prove a point and to not give up, like I always had. No, this time I was going to make something of myself! “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, AND WHY ARE YOU LAYING ON THE GROUND?” Screamed Drill Sergeant Cooper. “Drill Sergeant, I can’t feel my feet.” I stammered. Rushing over to me,…

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  • Analysis Of Black Hearts By Jim Frederick

    of combat experience and the perception that he avoided combat patrols. He was also not liked by the men who were fond of their original platoon sergeant, SSG Miller. I think the book does a poor job of giving the perspective of SFC Fenlason. Soldiers always have the perception that their leadership is not doing as much as they are. Fenlason was also hard on certain individuals, which led him not being well liked by his soldiers. He showed personal courage when he stood up to Yribe, one of the…

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  • Html Persuasive Speech

    (-- removed HTML --) Gymnastics Equipment (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) When your favorite gymnast lets you know they are ready to literally jump into gymnastics sports, it's probably time to examine the gymnastics equipment options that meet your unique situation. Even if you are a gymnast yourself seeking to open your own gym, then you'll need to know what features to look for in the equipment you'll be using. Here are some common considerations to look at, depending on the age…

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  • My Greatest Strength Essay

    “How My Greatest Fear Became My Greatest Strength” is a line I’ve seen over and over again, but I could never wrap my head around it. How can your greatest fear possibly become your greatest strength? I thought that people just go around preaching it to sound intellectual. Little did I know I would eventually be the one to discover that dance—my greatest nightmare and passion—has made me become the person that I am today. Dancing has always been a part of my life. As a child, just by being on…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Figure Skating

    Why!? Why I didn't start ice skating since when I was younger? I knew that I was into this sport and interested in spins and jumps. The moment that I experienced a love at first sight happened when I was in kindergarten. Before kindergarten, I wasn't really into any sports. In contrast, one day, I was watching the Olympics on TV with my family. I was watching women's figure skating session and all of the women athletes were practicing on ice. After the practice, face of every athlete…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Flight

    The number of exercises was absurd as well as the difficulty of them. At sundown the sergeants put our names on a board under squad numbers. We had an hour to group up and find our housing. After we found our squad, I was chosen to be the leader. The sergeant showed up to my squad and gave me a topographic map of the area. Our housing was marked with an X; we had half an hour left to find our housing before lights out. Wright-Patterson AFB was incredibly flat, the only landmark on the map was a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My High School Drill Team

    When I think about dance teams, I don't necessarily think of the dancing concept but rather the friendships and the memories made. Most people feel most confident and accustomed to what they live with everyday, making life changing decisions very difficult to make. Me being one. I danced on a Competitive Dance Team called Dance Dynamics, and never expected to ever leave. I was brought up a question by my former dance teacher asking if I ever considering being on my High School Drill team.…

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  • College Admissions Essay: How Dance Influenced My Life

    towards the spotlight that gives off a warm radiant heat where I hit my beginning position. Determination calms my nerves as I am now ready to compete with my full potential. There is a moment of silence as I begin to feel the beautiful connection between the stage and myself. The familiar tune is brought to my attention and I begin to dance my two minute routine that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Flamenco Dance

    flamenco dance under the direction of Linda Vega in Santa Barbara. Dancing flamenco for nine years brought so much joy to my life, to my family's life, given me physical and performance skills, and has taught me many life lessons. Every summer Santa Barbara celebrates Old Spanish Days Fiesta, which is a five-day long celebration honoring Santa Barbara's Spanish heritage. There are marketplaces throughout the city, called mercados, where visitors can dine on Spanish and Mexican food, shop for…

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  • Ice Princess: The Physics Behind Figure Skating

    The Physics Behind Figure Skating Growing up as a child, I always went to the RDV and saw girls my age participating in figure skating. That is when my fascination began. However, I could not join because I was already committed to dancing. Additionally, a movie came out on Disney Channel when I was younger; it was called Ice Princess. The movie centered on a girl focused on physics and she had a similar project as mine: looking at the physics of ice-skating. As she spent time videotaping and…

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