Ev71 Essay

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Main Goals
To find out the origin, population dynamics, natural selection, and seasona periodicity of the VP1 gen of EV71 (common cause of hand, foot, and mouth disease(HFMD)).
To get a better understanding of the disease.
How Did the Main Questions Raise Up?
Human EV71 is known as one of the most common causes of the hand, foot, and mouth disease which is often occur in young children and infants. The EV71 was first found in the United States in 1969 and then the EV71 associated HFMD outbreaks have been reported in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The EV71 infection also associated with fatal neurological symptoms, and it was first reported in Bulgaria in 1975 and Hungary in 1978 (Tee, 2010). Since 1997, the HFMD with EV71-associated neurological syndrome with high mortality rate had spread rapidly in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia (Yang, 2009). Most of the outbreaks reported in the Asia-Pacific region since 1997 were caused by EV71 subgenogroups that are previously unknown. The EV71 infections had become a serious and urgent issue which threats the global public health. Hence, the main purpose of the paper “Evolutionary Genetics of Human Enterovirus 71: Origin, Population Dynamics, Natural Selection, and Seasonal Periodicity of the VP1 Gene” was to discover the origin, genetic complexity, and
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Between 1970s to mid-1980s, genetic diversity was in irregular cycles. Genogroup B in the late 1990s found to have sudden increases of genetic diversity which correspond to the time when the major HFMD outbreaks were happened in Asia. The observed dynamics of the plot are mostly corresponded with the recorded global surveillance data of EV71 cases over the past 4 decades. Similar results were obtained when using the VP1 gene from genogroup C. This implies that the elevation in genetic diversity is correlated with EV71

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