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  • Hands On A Hardbody Play Analysis

    For approximately a month at the Tornabene Theatre, the Arizona Repertory Company had been showcasing Hands on Hardbody, a country rock musical about a several people trying to win a truck in a contest. This play’s book was written by Doug Wright, lyrics written by Amanda Green, and music done by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green. Thanks to the collaboration of the production team, the audience was able to experience a grueling contest in Longview, Texas of 1995. Presented by a special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., this play was successful in getting the audience invested in their characters’ lives and the outcome of incredible contest. Hands on a Hardbody hit on many major ideas that were relevant to the audience as a society. Everything from disability to poverty to racism to religion to mental illness was touched upon. As the contestants struggled to be the last person standing that kept their hand on the truck, their backstories…

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  • Eric Cartman Character Analysis

    Ian Conway Famous Person Assignment: Eric Cartman Eric Cartman is a fictional character and one the main protagonists from the TV show South Park. Trey Parker is the voice of Eric Cartman. He lives in a fictional town called South Park, Colorado, United States. He lives with his single mother name Liane Cartman, who spoils him and is considered a “crack whore” meaning she has had sexual relations with other men and was a drug addict. He did have a father name Jack Tenorman but he unknowingly…

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  • The Campesino Movement In Nicaragua

    Between conservative governments backed by the U.S. Marines (1912-1925) and the Somoza family dictatorship (1936-1979), Nicaragua had a tumultuous political landscape for most of the twentieth century. Even the eleven years between the conservative governments and the authoritarian dynasty brought little respite. In fact, it was during the Liberal Constitutionalist Revolution (1926-1927) that Chinandega combusted, both figuratively and literally (307). In January 1937, Anastasio Somoza Garcia…

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  • Nicaraguan Inter-Oceanic Canal Analysis

    The construction of the Nicaraguan Inter-Oceanic Canal raises several controversial social, environmental, political, and geoeconomic concerns for Nicaragua, its people, and the international community. Opponents are concerned about the potential for irreversible environmental damage, the disruption of indigenous communities, and the involvement of a private Chinese company that was given the 50-year concession to build and operate the canal. Proponents cite the canal as the only viable option…

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  • Dave Matthews Band Analysis

    followed them everywhere now, and with the ability and time to start their own solo ventures. In the middle of summer and fall 2003, the first solo projects from the Dave Matthews Band were the release of Boyd Tinsley's True Reflections and Dave Matthew's Some Devil. Matthews drew from a wide array of musicians to form his backing band. He called upon Trey Anastasio to play on four of the tracks and who also co-wrote "Grey Blue Eyes". Also, an added gift to this great album was in the form…

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