Dave Matthews Band Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The beginning of his career started as few others do. He didn't actually want to perform and play his songs for people, but rather have other people sing his songs. "Yet after writing his first few songs, including "The Song that Jane Likes" and "Recently", he began to consider starting his own band" (wikipedia.com). There was only one answer to this Matthews explains. "I didn't really have a vision, or a plan," says Matthews, acknowledging that some of his musical sensibility came from spending time in so many different places as a child. "I'm sure it gave me a little bit of openness. The most diverse music in the world is in America, 'cause there are so many different cultures here, but what tends to be pushed to the top is often a narrow view of what there really is. So maybe (his travels) just gave me a wider pool of listening" (dmband.com). The only option for Matthews was to find the best musicians around and surround him with …show more content…
The album was recorded live at The Muse Music Club on Nantucket Island, in August of 1993. The album debuted on College charts as the highest independent entry, and went on to be certified gold by the RIAA. During this success, the band kept touring and its fan base continued to grow. By allowing fans to tape shows for their personal use, the Dave Matthews Band created a highly interactive community. Following the success of the Remember Two Things album was the recording of their second album, Under the Table and Dreaming. Just before the album's release on September 27, 1994, Dave Matthews Band hit the road for their first official national tour. The tour lasted well over a year and included sold out theater dates across the country, a trip to Europe, and two summers playing on the main stage of HORDE. By the fall of 1995, when the band returned to the studio to record its next album, Under the Table and Dreaming had been certified four times platinum by the

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