Iran–Iraq War

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  • The Iran Iraq War

    The Iran Iraq War resulted in millions of casualties and billions of dollars worth of damages, with neither side benefitting in return. The prolonged war was rooted in territorial and religious disputes among the bordering nations. Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, strongly advocated for “progress under the banner of secularism and a united Arab destiny” (Ibrahim). On the other hand, Iranian leader during the war, Ayatollah Khomeini, became an activist for a fundamentalist Islamic state. The neighboring leaders lived in fear that their opponent would pose a threat to the regimes rising in their respective nations. These tensions and discrepancies ultimately lead to a war that devastated the people and infrastructure of both countries. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Iran underwent a series of revolutions fueled by Shah Mohammed Reza. The shah was eager to consolidate his position as leader of Iran and as a result, expelled many leaders…

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  • The Iran-Iraq War

    Lasing from the September 1980 to August 1988, the Iran-Iraq war was not only the longest conventional war of the 20th Century; it was also the most destructive 20th Century conflict since WWII. The conflict produced over one million refugees and casualties and costed the combatant countries as much as one billion dollars per month, and the total costs have been estimated in excess of three hundred billion dollars. The end state of the conflict was catastrophic for not only the combatants but…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Iran-Iraq War

    happened to you? These questions are what you have forgotten to ask yourselves as you fight. You have forgotten the purpose of this war and to what better days it was supposed to bring you. We are living in a time of financial and social crisis. People all around us are suffering. Parents are losing their jobs. Families are losing their homes. Companies are losing their profits. And everyone standing before me, are going through this as well . I know I did. Thinking back to when one was…

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  • The Sarin Gas Attack And The Iran And Iraq War

    with health problems like blindness, lung problems, mental issues, or heart problems. During WWII Adolf Hitler set jews in gas chambers. Gas chambers were described as rooms that were airtight in which tons of jews were forced into to be murdered. These chambers then released tons of toxins thus suffocating the jews leaving them to die due to the poisonous gas in the air they couldn’t escape from. Hitler used this as a quick and effective ways to try and eliminate the jews. The Sarin gas attack…

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  • Symbols In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

    In the graphic novel Persepolis, the author Marjane Satrapi used many deep and interesting symbols throughout the book to illustrate many turning points in Satrapi’s life in Iran. She was born in Rasht, Iran, on November 22 1969, however she grew up in Tehran in an ordinary middle-class family. She went to school in a private French school which gave her opportunity to be more open-minded than strict Iranians. She lived a peaceful childhood life under the Shah’s power until she was around 11…

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  • Operation Fath Ol-Mobin Research Paper

    attempting to repeat the success of the Israeli pre-emptive air strike against the Arab air forces in the Six Day War, launched numerous sorties against Iranian airfields, hoping to destroy the Iranian air force on the ground. Although they failed, Saddam was still not going to be stopped from achieving his aim of establishing complete Iraqi dominance over the Shatt al-Arab waterway. He launched a land invasion of Iran, focusing on southern Iran. He was able to achieve success, capturing the…

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  • The Cold War: The Iranian Hostage Crisis

    Although Iran was not involved in World War II, Iran was a major member for the Western countries especially the U.S. and Britain. Iran during the Cold War had many international and national problems that affected their economy. The changes in their government leaders affected their economy the most. Nationalization means to bring under the ownership or control of a nation, as industries and land ( The Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlevi favored the Western influences. Iran’s…

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  • Emergence Of Democracy Essay

    democracy and sustained institutions. Nevertheless, if states fail to follow the essential and mandatory elements, the threat of political decay is present and states have the risk of falling into a cycle where they cannot further develop. The pre-requisites for the emergence of democracy are the categorizes of the bellicist theory containing political conflict, economic, and cultural theories; and the existence of stabilized institutions within the state regarding rule of law, the state, and…

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  • Religion In The Film Persepolis

    film Persepolis Persepolis: The story of a child hood is movie made from a graphic novel and autobiography by Marjane Satrapi. The story is told from a first person perspective by young author Marji. She had witnesses the entire Islamic Revolution; including the fall of the pro-western Shah republic in 1979, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the Iran-Iraq War in 1980; throughout her childhood. The author had painted us a vivid portrait of Iran during and after the political turmoil with her…

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  • Social Issues In Persepolis

    Persepolis is written and directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud takes the viewer through Marjane’s life from childhood into her adulthood. The movie takes place in Iran and in Austria. Throughout the movie, it shows how the Iranian and Islamic revolution impacted Marjanes’s life. She starts as a young child interested in politics, but is faced with a countless amount of hardships, as she grows older. The tensions in Iran cause her parents to send her to France to go to school, but…

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