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  • Trench Narrative

    Christmas Truce I smile. For the first time in my few weeks here, I smile. I run to look over the steep, mud wall of the trench and through the dirtied barbed wire. Men from both sides of the ravaged field are walking towards each other. Not towards the onslaught which usually comes with an expedition to No-Mans’ Land, but towards each other with open arms. I hoist myself over the trench wall, I have always expected going over the top to be the last moments of my life. It still could be, but I’m thankful it’s not today. I join my comrades in gradually walking towards the slow moving wall of German soldiers. Whilst walking I notice something odd: we’re walking across a French field, once cropland, consumed by craters and corpses, and all I can hear is laughter and chatter, as if it is a usual Christmas morning and all are in high spirits; as if we aren’t walking towards the men who had shot and shelled us throughout the previous weeks. Ultimately we arrive at more or less the centremost point of the hellish grassland. There’s a pause as the two screens of men stand opposite to each other, the silence is swiftly broken by one of my colleagues…

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  • Trench Box Case Study

    owned trench box and overhead crane manufacturing company with an international outlook. Aside the company’s strong ties to innovations background, we are also committed to ensure the welfare and needs of its employees and customers are met. Over the years we have managed to build versatile trench box systems featuring sturdy rails and longer panels capable of performing high clearance. Our wide trench boxes are well-designed to withstand the forces and elements while pairing up with safety…

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  • Trench Warfare

    disease, and death are a crucial aspect of World War One. Trench Warfare and ships seemed to be the most impacted. Trench warfare is a form of combat in which opposing sides fight a few hundred yards away in trenches that face each other. Soldier’s living conditions in the trench were insufferable. Ships involved in the Great War were overcrowded and meals become intolerable for the soldiers. Diseases and medicine were an everyday situation for soldiers. There were multiple diseases that…

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  • Ww1 Trench Life

    Life in the European trenches and its effects on the diggers Life in the European trenches and trench warfare is strongly associated with World War 1, when it was employed on the Western Front from September 1914 until the last weeks of the war. By the end of October 1914 the whole front in Belgium and France had solidified into lines of trenches. Trench warfare occurred when a revolution in firepower was not matched by similar advances in mobility, resulting in a grueling form of warfare in…

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  • Questions On Trench Warfare

    1. What were the trenches? Why was the system of the trench employed? Trench warfare is said to have begun in September 1914 but the idea of the trench warfare did not begin then, trenches had been used in the U.S civil war, and the Russian-Japanese war. The trenches were the front lines, the most dangerous places to be. Behind the front lines was a mass supply of many things like training establishment’s stores, workshops, Head-quarters and many other elements that would be needed in a 1918…

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  • Ww1 Trench Diary

    12 September, 1917 As I write this, the enemy is shelling the trench I’m sitting in. The enemy has been shelling us sporadically for the past several days. The enemy will shell us for several hours, then stop and then resume the shelling later. Heavy shelling has left the area surrounding the trench pock marked with craters. Rainwater has filled many of the craters. Everything is dirty from the dirt that was kicked up from the explosions of the shells. Some sections of the barbed wire…

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  • Trench Descriptive Writing

    It is safe to say I have been holding up quite well until recently. It has been 2 months today since I have left and still the atrocities I have seen in this time are unbearable. The constant warfare is exhausting and everyday I fear I will lose my life. Right now i am under a small cover in a trench. It is hard to write with the constant barrages of shells hitting the ground. I can almost tell by the sound how far the impact is. Everyday I am out here I grow more and more fatigue with limited…

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  • Ww1 Trench Description

    World War I, the bloody conflict that consumed Europe from July 1914 until November 1918, was fought by millions of men. While they came from different backgrounds, races, and religions, the soldiers of the western front of this Great War all shared one thing in common they were all subjugated to living in trenches. Trench warfare in general can be summed up in two words, horrible and dangerous. As it became clear to the High Command that this wasn’t going to be the quick war they had once…

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  • Causes Of Trench Warfare

    Trench warfare was a war tactic used in World War I that helped military men defend themselves. It also was for their own protection, but of course there were still many fatalities. Was it a good war tactic? No, and here is why. It was designed to help make the war progress with greater speed but all it did was cause a stalemate. Trench warfare started on the Western Front on September 15th, 1914. The first trenches were first used in the First Battle of the Marne when both sides of troops…

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  • The Dangers Of Trench Warfare

    These past couple of months have been rough lately out here in the war, it is not as easy as I thought it would be out here. In fact, trench warfare is terrible, the conditions here are deadly, you can die without someone else killing you. I’m at the point where I am so scared and just want to be back home because of the constant fear. I can never sleep at night either, every time I do the constant heavy fire of enemy attacks wake me up from my sleep then I have to be hiding in fear that an…

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