The Importance Of Tree Communication

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Tree Communication: The Life Underneath Imagine yourself walking through a forest. There are enormous trees surrounding you. Every step is covered with sticks, fallen branches, flowers, dirt, and grass. The air is fresh, clear, and relaxing. The sounds are filled with birds chirping and rivers flowing, this relaxes your hectic mind that’s constantly going. Nature is a beautiful adventure that allows stress to dissolve and brings peace and serenity into our lives. These are the moments we take a break from worrying and gossiping about what’s going on around us. Humans love to communicate to one another. Communication is how we survive, how we live. We all know people communicate through language, yet have you ever wondered if it were possible …show more content…
Having this unique ability of communicating through a native language, separates humans from any other living thing. This skill is very beneficial to humans, so it makes you wonder why other species have not evolved this ability. We were created with the capability to employ speech for communication, plants do not have this ability. Have you ever watched The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? This a movie about how the Oncler cuts down trees to make thneeds, a clothing material that has a variety of different uses. He ends up making truffula trees go extinct, so people have no choice but to buy air to survive. In the beginning when the oncler cuts down the first tree, he gets summoned by the Lorax who is guardian of the forest. He quotes, “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” This is a powerful message stating that humans need to stand up for trees since they can’t defend themselves. This also supports evidence that trees may not be communicating.
I can see why some people would disagree with plants being able to communicate. They aren’t verbally speaking to each other. They don’t say things like, “Hey man! How are things going over there?” We may hear their leaves blowing in the wind, or birds singing on top of the branches but this do not mean trees are communicating. Also, trees can defend or speak for themselves when they’re being cut down. Humans must stand up and fight
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The good and the bad? The interactions that influence the destinies of creatures and things. Well, plants can relate to this Chinese philosophy. A lot of plants are good and try to help each other out. For example, when their attached to a harmful fungus they’ll send a signal to warn others. Another way trees show their good side is by helping seedlings that are in the shade and don’t get as much sunlight. They will send these plants more carbon than others to make sure they survive. Plants can also compromise, to an extent, with mycelia. Plants provide fungi with food in form of carbohydrates. In exchange, the fungi help plants suck up water to provide

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