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  • Reliable Cash Flow Case Study

    Assignment 4: Nonprofit Profitability Ensures Steady Cash Flow According to the Reliable Cash Flow Projections sheet the organization referred to in Chapter 10 requires a cash flow of $13,462 per day to stay in the black, without any profit (McLaughlin, 2009, p. 137) and according to The Balance Sheet the organization has only enough cash on hand $16,190 which is only a little over the organization’s one day’s operational needs (McLaughlin, 2009, p. 125). What is most troublesome about the Reliable Cash Flow Projections sheet is if the organization sticks to the current projected plans it will be ($253,846) short at the end of the year. Unfortunately, inadequate annual fundraising planning and not ensuring there is enough cash on hand limits…

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  • Introduction To Cosmography Essay

    Cosmography is the study of the known world and its place in the cosmos. This study played a significant role in our understanding of how the New World was discovered. In 1506, two men by the names of Matthias Ringmann and Martin Waldseemüller, collaborated together on a magnificent map that depicted something no one had ever seen before. Through the descriptive letters from a Florentine merchant, Amerigo Vespucci, Ringmann and Waldseemüller were able to formulate a textbook titled, Introduction…

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  • Bubble Maps

    In the article entitled “Map It Then Write It!” by Kimberly Lott and Sylvia Read, I learned a lot about how beneficial mapping can be before a student begins to write about a certain topic. “Primary students have many options for graphic organizers to help develop writing skills in science” (Lott and Read, 46). This quote from the article really seems to sum up what the article was about because children have so many opportunities to use mapping to make their writing better, especially since…

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  • Geography Quiz Answers

    1___Scale is a geographic tool for creating and interpreting maps. Scale also has a broader meaning for geographers, as the relationship between any phenomenon and Earth as a whole. 2___A region is an area characterized by a unique combination of features. 3___A formal region is an area within which everyone has one or more distinctive characteristics in common, whereas A functional region is an area organized around a node or focal point. 4___An example of a functional region is the…

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  • Map Of Africa Title Analysis

    Maps serve as powerful objects that can change the way viewers think or perceive the world. When maps contain lies, people can be led into a false sense of belief. A New Map of Africa from the Latest Authorities, was created by cartographer John Cary- a former apprentice of William Palmer- reinforces this idea. The map was created in 1805, at the height of European colonization and exploration of Africa. Most explorers were not familiar with Africa’s landscape while undertaking these long…

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  • Five Defense Mechanisms

    Defensive Mechanisms Read the section on defense mechanisms on page 159, Figure 5.4 in the textbook. Describe those defense mechanisms that you recall other people using. Using first names only, describe who and how each person used the defense mechanism. (Describe at least five defense mechanisms.) Rationalization: One of the most common defense mechanisms is rationalization, the development of a logical but false explanation that protects a person’s self-concept. (p.159) Example 1: Nick a…

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  • Thematic Mapping History

    Albane Valenzuela History 95N Thematic Maps and Maps as Products: A Social Story All maps tell stories that have either shaped or were shaped by history. During the age of exploration and discovery, cartography was primarily a political enterprise that helped the state assert its colonial and imperial endeavors by drawing the boundaries of newly claimed territories. Gradually, these topographic maps evolved into more specific, accessible objects. The numerous social,…

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  • Anxiety Defense Mechanisms

    feeling anxiety because of the way that their boss is treating them, they start to act extremely nice to their boss. Peoples’ egos also fight off anxiety by thinking about justifications for their actions. Once they think about the justifications, they believe that what they did is fine. This is known as rationalization. An example of rationalization could be that a student beat up another student in school. The student who beats up the other student could justify them self by saying that the…

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  • Triangle Of Conflict Case Study

    emotions of love and anger create an internal conflict that Lucy did not know how to deal with. She felt torn because she wants to have these deep connections yet feel angry that people are abandoning her. Triangle of Conflict – Anxiety: The internal conflict between love and anger increases Lucy’s anxiety. She experienced these anxiety in her striated muscle and smooth muscle by reporting that she often get headaches when having to deal with other people. She also experiences a lot of somatic…

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  • Analysis Of A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    a murderer is on the run. The story ends as this murderer, the Misfit, slaughters the family the family, who is stranded in the woods after their car crashes. The Misfit is the main antagonist in this Southern Gothic story, but there is more to his motive to kill than spite and malice. As proved with psychological explanations and textual evidence, the Misfit 's murderous impulses are caused by subconscious undertones of defense mechanisms: displacement, denial, and projection. The Misfit is a…

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