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  • Importance Of History In The Present Day

    The Importance of History in the Present Day The past is history, the future 's a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why they call it the present. This quote is a perfect way to summarize what I plan to explain in this paper: the past is history. We study it and try to learn from it. Every part of our past is of some use to us and has impacted the lives we live today. As I discuss the emergence of Islam, The Rule of Saint Benedict, and illuminated manuscripts I will explain just how important each are to us today. One of the biggest aspects of our world today is religion. Even if someone does not believe in a god they are most likely to believe in some other force greater than themselves such as evolution, gravity, or science. However,…

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  • Why Is The Printing Press Important

    In the Ten Important Works of Classical and Medieval Authors(Doc K), many of these books were written before the printing press was available so they were in manuscript form and very few people had copies. As soon as the printing press was available these classics were printed and they were easily published in mass quantities to be widely available for the public. The spread of these ancient works allowed everyone that could read this great opportunity and these books are still published today.…

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  • Special Collections Visit

    Special Collections Visit The three-hundred and ninety-five-page book that I surveyed, titled Della Espositione Sopra L’orlando, was published June, 1550 (originally written in roman numerals MDL) by a person named Lorenzo Torrentino. A person by the initials of “U.R.S” was the author and the colophons, mentioned the printer’s name, “DV Cale”. This book was written in purely Italian and was paginated, and its size was fairly small, identifying it as an octavo. The title page included the…

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  • The Importance Of Courage In The Diary Of Anne Frank Play

    Have you ever been in a situation that you feel like doing the right thing, even when others might do something different? Everyone has courage, but what is rare is when people actually show it. In The Diary of Anne Frank Play (written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett) the Frank family, the Van Daan family, and Mr. Dussel are all Jewish people who need to go into hiding to stay safe during World War 2. Miep Gies is one of the people that helps hide them. Miep shows courage by helping the…

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  • Mark 16: 9-20 Analysis

    The Bible has been a subject of tremendous controversy ever since it was beginning to be written approximately 3400 years ago. One of the subjects that scholars, pastors, and Christians debate is whether the ending of Mark, specifically Mark 16:9-20, should be included or deleted. In the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible, right before verse 9 of chapter 16 there are the words, “The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have verses 9-20.”…

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  • Summary: A Highly Unlikely Scenarios

    also be out of date, but is still a good resource due to what is contained inside of it. It states on the back of the book, “This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.” The publishers tried to keep everything as true to the original documents as much as possible, so the book includes things such as original copyright references, library stamps, markings, and blurred pictures. Since this book is about the…

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  • Effects Of The Printing Press

    2). Interestingly, the first printed books were no cheaper than a manuscript book, although, when printed books became cheaper, the quality of their illustrations fell (Bland, 1958, p. 101). While the cost reduction of books may not be directly related to the quality of the images, the shortage of skilled artist to create printable illustrations may have had an effect. However, when the printing presses had eliminated the option for monks to be employed in the creation of books, the printed…

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  • Essay On Roman Culture

    Catholic Cathedrals is a place for worshipping and praying to God. When one walks inside the Palatine Chapel, one can imagine how long and hard working the workers must be in order to finish constructing this beautiful chapel. The Palatine has a more gothic feel to it than most cathedrals we have here in the United States. Art is all around us, and we enjoy art in many forms such as sculptures, paintings, architecture, and so much more. The Romans had this form of a picture book called…

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  • Vienna Coronation Gospels Analysis

    The Vienna Coronation Gospels was created before the year, ca. 800. It is an illuminated manuscript hand-written by the scribes and miniaturists at Charlemagne’s court in Aachen. The Coronation Gospels contains four full page evangelist portraits. These images are richly illuminated with each page being written on purple dyed parchment in gold and silver ink. These elements are indicative of Roman Imperial culture, both in the attention to luxury and in colour scheme. It is in this way that the…

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  • Summary Of The Bestiary: The Aberdeen

    Sarah Kim Final The Bestiary: The Aberdeen During the middle ages, manuscripts or hand-made books, were used to educate the people about the principles of Christianity. It was a transition from the dark ages and a time when Christianity was expanding in Europe. Wealthy members in society wanted more churches, artworks, and manuscripts. Many of the works were religious, but also non religious. Manuscripts were an important artwork to expand Christianity. The Bestiary, the book of Beasts, is an…

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