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  • William Carlos Williams The Young Housewife

    William Carlos Williams is an imagist poet, who superiorly controls the meaning of his poems, using subtle language manipulations. One poem that shows this in particular is The Young Housewife. This poem is about the time the speaker was driving and sees a young housewife near the curb, calling the ice-man and fish-man to come. He compares her to a dried leaf, which at the end, he crushes with his car. This poem was published in 1916, a time when the world was a misogynistic place. Though the Women’s Suffrage movement was still prevailing, women were constantly seen as inferior people, limited by either their fathers or husbands. The author uses certain language, literary technique, and that shows the constraints of the woman throughout the poem. Williams writes sentences with certain words missing, which effectively changes the meaning. One example was when he was driving at ten A.M. and he sees the housewife moving “about in négligé behind the wooden walls of her husband’s house.” When one reads this line, one would immediately stop. At first, I thought that she was in the négligé, inside her house. However, Williams wants us to interpret it as if the woman was behind the négligé and the “wooden walls of her husband’s house.” There is a big difference in meaning between these two statements. The first one represents a confident, young, housewife sauntering around in her husband’s house wearing a piece of clothing that she owns. But the second statement refers as if the…

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  • Conventions Of Imagism In Poetry

    Imagism was a literary movement that began in the early 20th century. This movement has its roots in the artistic world where its main aim was to avoid the old conventions and find new ways of creativity. Poets such as Ezra Pound, H.D. and William Carlos Williams tried to create a way of expressing the imagism in painting through words in poetry. This movement as contemporary art repudiates ‘beauty’ standards, and the Romanticism of the 19th-century while it admires the quotidian, the perceptual…

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  • Importance Of Imagism In Poetry

    Imagism has played an important role in shifting the way poets write a poem as it focused more on the images rather than the theme of a poem. Some of the modernist poets began focusing on imagery by describing things in simple and few words and not focusing on the themes behind the images in poem, instead they let the image itself be the focus of the poem. It is like emerging languages with picture in order to create an image that stimulates the mind of the reader. It is considered as a way used…

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  • Analysis Of H. D's 'Eurydice'

    Hilda Doolittle popularly known by her pen name H.D was a notable modernist writer. She was well-known for her interest in Greek mythology and hence she penned the poem ‘Eurydice’. H.D gives Eurydice a voice to justify her anger against her husband who was impatient and as a consequence, she could never leave the Underworld. The essay will explore the poem with regard to the relationship between form and content in modernist writing. H.D is known to mix Greek mythology in her writing and this…

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  • A Few Dont's By An Imagiste

    Imagism is a literary movement that had its origin in the artistic world and reinvented the traditional conventions in art and poetry. This movement emerged in the early 20th century and its main representatives are Ezra Pound, H.D., William Carlos Williams, and James Joyce among others. The main characteristics of Imagism were written down by Ezra Pound in an article published in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse in 1913 with the title of: ‘A Few Dont’s by an Imagiste’ in which Pound describes the…

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  • Comparing Two Versions Of William Carlos Williams's Poem

    meanings. With only changing a few words, William Carlos Williams gives the poem a new meaning. I think this shows that just by ommiting one word, it can make a whole difference. However version 2 portrays imagism in a better way. Version 1 narrates a woman sitting near a window with a small little child. The woman has tears running down her face. The child seems to be her baby, who may be stealing her. The true meaning of the theft is rather unclear. It is not directly stated. Perhaps the…

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  • William Carlos Williams And Modernism In Short Stories

    these people exist in sports, businesses, and even poetry. The American poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), was one of the four major American poets or in other words, one of the big guys. Williams always loved literature; however, he went to medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. Despite his schooling, Williams still enjoyed writing. With his love of writing and physician degree, he really had a huge effect with the style, this author used. He actually had a major contribution…

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  • An Analysis Of Li Bai's Drinking Alone Beneath The Moon

    mistrusted Li Bai, Emperor Tang Ming Huang did not put him in an important position, for the emperor did not trust him. For this reason, Li Bai felt lonely, depressed and discontented. Moreover, one of his best friends, Zhizhang He, returned home several months ago, which made Li felt lonelier. And after he wrote this poem, Li also left Chang’an. Li expressed silence in terms of loneliness, using the moon to depict silence. The moon is the significant subject for Li, much like the mirror is…

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  • How Is Ee Cummings Innovative

    Brilliant. Innovative. And Well diversified. When a man finds inspiration throughout his lifetime only to later realize he would be a man that leaves a legacy as one of the famous American poets. I would like to introduce you to a man named Edward Estlin Cummings, one of America's innovative, and influential poets of his time. Inspiring readers to understand the concept of originality in his poetry by demonstrating how he used influences from his childhood experiences, imagism, and concrete…

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  • Hills Like White Elephants Modernism

    In “Hills Like White Elephants”, Ernest Hemingway expresses unique practices of modernism by letting the reader interpret parts of the story, conveying the story through images with meaning rather than explanations and words, and by shifting the power structure towards the female. Modernism inspired writers, such as Hemingway, to search for new perspectives and styles of writing literature. “Hills Like White Elephants” is a noteworthy short story that features a young lady nicknamed Jig and an…

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