Immovable property

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  • Realtors Commission Issues

    any country works for making a profit (the more the better) and providing for their own family, not to just be nice and pleasing for you or your buyer. The author knows first-hand what kind of problems the buyer’s Russian realtors encounter in their work selling international properties to Russian buyers. Their first and foremost concern is to receive their chunk of international sales commissions in full and on time. There are no regulations on the commission size and no rules on sharing real estate commission in Russia at all. Each real estate company and each realtor choose from the offers they receive from various countries just those that are more profitable for them. Of course, the size of the commission matters for realtors a lot. The usual size of commissions that the Russian realtors get from the international sales can be from 2% to 15% and depends on the country, market segment and property’s price. The lowest commission level percentage-wise is for luxury properties, the highest percentage number is…

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  • Personal Property And Real Property

    Personal Property and Real Property When it comes to real property law there are two types of properties. Using legal terms, all property will be categorized as either personal property or real property. This qualification between types of property originates from English common law, however our cutting edge laws keep on distinguishing between the two. Each form of property is dealt with distinctively under the law. There are a wide range of sorts of laws that particularly relate to personal…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Rental Property

    Disadvantages of Owning a Rental Property Tenant Risk You can never be absolutely sure if the renters will pay their rent. Depending on who you rent it to, some may pay their rent on time every month whereas other may pay on a irregular basis or not even pay which makes things harder for you. Also while they are staying at the property, some renters may damage the property which may create a loss for you because you have to fix what has been done otherwise they can sue you for not fixing the…

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  • Fair Market Value And Fair Market Value In The Business

    Fair market value is a standard typically used for real estate valuation, certain tax issues, and employee stock ownership plans. Fair value in a legal context is a standard typically used for business interest valuation for estate tax and business litigation. Fair value in a financial reporting context is appropriate for the preparation of financial statements. The terms fair market value and fair value are typically used in business-owner buy-sell agreements without proper consideration of the…

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  • Nils Christie's Article: Conflicts As Property

    A conflict, within the context of “Conflicts as Property” by Nils Christie, is something in which one owns. Similarly, the ownership of conflict can be compared to the ownership of property, hence the title of the article. Throughout the article, Nils Christie conveys that every person should have the right to fight their own conflict, however, due to the current social structure in places such as Canada, that right can be taken away or even stolen by professionals. Nils Christie further proves…

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  • Commercial Surrogacy Analysis

    While the commissioning couple own the sperm and eggs, they do not own the embryos and subsequently children made from them (McLachlan and Swales 2000: 3). Supporters of commercial surrogacy insist that parental rights are not property rights. As an illustration, take the example of selling a home. When selling this property, money would flow from the buyer to seller and there would be a corresponding transfer of legal rights. This would establish the ownership of the house from one to the…

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  • Plenty V Dillon Case Study

    key legal issues and common law rules in Plenty v Dillon. Material Facts in Plenty v Dillon. Police officers Michael Kenneth Dillon and Robyn Ann Will entered the property of Sydney Graham Plenty on the 5th of December 1978 to serve a summons on his daughter in accordance with the Juvenile Courts Act 1971 (S.A.). The property was a small farm located near Port Pirie in South Australia. There was no implied or explicit consent from Mr Plenty for the officers to enter the property. Mr Plenty and…

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  • Jealousy Essay

    kind of fear related to a desire to preserve a possession.” Or else known as property. Property is a fixed amount of rights, obligations, and agreements. In a relationship each should feel as though their significant others is their property. Other example is they should feel as they only get to experience/share special characteristics of that other person. Jealousy arises when their property is threatened. This is the fear of being replaced. Object; public, owner, and rival are factors in…

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  • Territorial Defensive Behavior Essay

    Introduction Territorial defensive behavior is defined by Ruback (1997) as the defense of a territory by an individual, indicating self as proprietor of the territory’s value and resources. The purpose of this research is to examine territorial defense in a temporary public territory. Public territories comprise of public water fountains, library aisles, video game arcades, and public parking lots. These areas are temporarily held by an individual for a limited amount of time, until the need…

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  • John Locke State Of Nature Analysis

    teaches mankind. Locke also states that in order to be a part of society man must own property, namely land. Without the land he cannot be a part of a society. However, a society is not a government. A government protects the rights and property of the society through laws. Man cannot exist solely in the state of nature; in order to fulfill the law of nature, one must constantly exist in a state of equality, a state of liberty, and a state of war. However it is not possible to exist in all three…

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